A new girl at school is just the person Jane is looking for. Margaret wont be safe. Will the narrator be able to save Margaret? Or will Margaret fall?

Find out by reading Battles!


5. Death and Relisation

One friday - probably three weeks or so after Margaret had last been off - Mrs Lawfield (our head teacher) called the whole school out for an assembly. It turned out Margaret had, Died! She had committed suicide. I was gobsmacked. Mrs Lawfield said that everyone would be taking part in a course about bullying. Sophie, Lola, Tammie and Cat looked sad, guilty and shocked. I felt wierd, like i had lost my best friend. I missed Margaret. I don't know why. I wasn't even friends with her. Maybe none of this would have happened if i had just tried to be friends with Margaret. Maybe I wouldn't be left with no friends or morale. I looked over to where Jane was sitting. She looked pleased. I suddenly felt a pang of relisation. Now that Margaret was gone, Jane was planning to get me. Now that the battle was won, the war was just beginning.

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