Jamie and her twin siblings are living in a world taken over by zomps. Only teens and younger survive. Jamie protects her family with all her might, and thinks she has an idea to bring all the suffering to an end. She is heading home, not expecting to find anyone but she hopes there still is some people who will help her with her plan to create a safer world for her brother and sister to live in. But will she succeed?


3. The memory.

 I lowered my eyes. Images of my home flooded my memory. Me and my friends running through the fields running from the farmer. My mum and dad’s happy faces as we went camping in the garden, my dad burning the BBQ. Then images of the zomps that attacked my house. My parents killed it with a knife that looked like a butcher’s knife. But had been bitten. Their eyes turning purple as they struggled to fight the disease. Tears running down my cheek as my mum shoved the knife in my hand, hers shaking like mad telling me ‘slit our throats...cut our heads off...and run.’ I couldn’t do it, I was frozen in place. My dad jerking on the floor before grabbing my leg trying to bite it. I cut off his hand screaming.


 He let out a groan and tried to catch my leg again. He couldn’t fight it, he was bitten before my mum but she was turning too. She struggled to hold him back, fighting off the change then bit into his leg. She had her first taste for blood. She crawled across the floor, franticly trying to grab the twins, before hissing at me ‘KILL US!!” I could see a yellowish liquid forming in the corner of her eye, a tear. But it was a zomp blood tear. As my dad lunged at me again I jumped and slit his throat. The twins huddled together, shuffling towards the wall our mother jerking and crawling at the same time towards them, her floral dress covered in the thick yellow blood from the zomp she killed. She grabbed onto Austin’s trousers and tried to bite him before I kicked her in the head sending her flying. It pained me to hurt her, but I grabbed her head and cut it off. I cried on the floor, my sister and brother trying to comfort me, but ended up crying into my shoulders. I done it for them, if she wasn’t going after them I would have left her. Then we fled.

The images were as clear as day and my eyes filled with tears, Lacy and Tyler looked at me creped out. I wiped my eyes. “I’m sorry I have to go.” I turned and ran down the hall into a room that looked like a cupboard and shut the door behind me, locking it. I slid down the wall and let out the tears. I hadn’t cried since that night, stayed strong but the memories were too vivid. I had to cry. I killed my parents to keep my brother and sister safe, and then just ran. That’s why I fought so hard to protect them. I killed our parents to protect them, if they died it would have been for nothing and if I died. I don’t know what they would do. I always put their lives before mine. People can’t call me selfish. I love my family and always have. I would die for them to live. As far as all the sanctuaries we have been too were concerned, I was the best fighter there was left in this world, well that they have heard of. I carried sixty-three zomp teeth and have killed more. I have never been bitten or scratched which is quite obvious, but I can assure anyone that if I didn’t have Naomi and Austin I would have been infected or dead the year all the adults were gone. I buried my fists in my hair, trying to block out the memories I locked away for so long.


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