Jamie and her twin siblings are living in a world taken over by zomps. Only teens and younger survive. Jamie protects her family with all her might, and thinks she has an idea to bring all the suffering to an end. She is heading home, not expecting to find anyone but she hopes there still is some people who will help her with her plan to create a safer world for her brother and sister to live in. But will she succeed?


2. Sanctuary.

“Jamie, I’m hungry.” Naomi moaned sitting on her tattered camp bed. “We all are.” I whispered in her ear. I wanted more for my family, I was the provider but everything has been changed. Food is a hit or a miss, same with shelter. You shouldn’t stay outside after dark, and keep your eyes open during the day.

The disease is part vamp and part zombie. They are sensitive to bright light, like from 11am to 1pm they can’t be found, but otherwise could be anywhere. “Where are we going anyway?” Austin asked me, spiking his moon blond hair up with water. He acted like the man of the family and I wish they didn’t have to grow up so fast, I wish we all didn’t. “You will see when we get there.” I picked up my rucksack and flung it over my shoulder. “I’m going for a chat with the guard who invited us to stay. I need to ask questions before I go out to find food.”

“Please don’t go.” Naomi begged pulling at my arm. “Thought you were hungry?” I put on a smile even though I was worried about going out. In case I didn’t come back and they knew that. “I much prefer you here.” Her eyes were water coated. She batted her eyelashes to stop her blue eyes weeping. “I will be back soon.” I knelt down and placed a light kiss on her cheek and moved some of her moon blond hair out her eyes. I hugged Austin kissing his hair, ruining his ‘style’ as he would call it. Sometimes I was sure he was older than ten.

I released him and reluctantly walked to the door covered with chains and scratches. They had a zomp invasion a few weeks ago, and they got into the room we were in. So, on our arrival I requested some chains, they wouldn’t do much good but anything is useful. I blew them a kiss and exited through the door and into a dim lit hallway.

When I found the guard who gave us the room I was glad. She looked about my age, dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. She dressed in a green tank top and army styled pants with big black boots reinforced with metal toes. She was referred to as Captain.L.Morse. She smiled when she saw me.

“How are you Jamie?” It was nice to have another girl my age around, to talk to. “I’m good. I was wondering, what’s the zomps situation right now out there?” She looked around. “Well I heard they have migrated North they infiltrated a safe sanctuary down there. People are being evacuated, some of our people are down there, but there shouldn’t be too many. I think there would be about four. But they are really spread out.” She folded her arms. “Why you want to know?”

“I’m going out to find food.” She shook her head. “Sorry you can’t plus we have food here. It’s canned though. Like baked beans, corn beef, stuff like that.” I played with the strap of my bag. I really didn’t want to go outside, but I didn’t want to owe these people anything. “But I don’t want to be a burden.” She shook her head furiously. “You are not. Look, you know how it is right now, only the teens and kids are alive, no adults. Our people, the oldest person here is eighteen so he’s head of everything and he thinks we all need to look out for each other. Protect each other and any passersby. You have been killing the zomps for three years how many have you killed?”

I unzipped a small compartment in my bag and pulled out a thin brown tweed bag that just fit in my palm. I opened it from the knot and passed it to her. He looked amazed, counting the yellowy-purple teeth in the bag. “There is at least fifty here.” I nodded. I couldn’t take a tooth from every zomp I killed but I had managed to get a few, when I had the time. Showing that you killed a zomp could get you far, get you stuff you needed. People took care of you knowing that with every breath a zomp killer took, there could be one less zomp coming their way. “Actually there is sixty-three.”   

“And that’s not all the zomps she’s killed.” I smirked recognising the voice. “Hey Jamie.”  

“Hi Tyler.” A tall boy, with dark red hair picked me up in his arms swinging me around. “Long time no see.” He joked, and I punched his arm. “I thought you were a zomp! How did you get out alive?” I shook my head. “A group came and took me to a sanctuary, when I left I stumbled on this place a few months ago. They needed a few extra hands, the other place didn’t.” I had met Tyler when my siblings and I were running from an army of zomps which we called the thinkers and attacker zomps.

They began to get smarter and smarter. The thinkers weren’t good at the fighting, but they managed to manipulate the ones who could fight which we called the attackers. They were mostly made up of bodybuilders and army guys who got infected. We didn’t know how they could do it but we think the thinkers and attackers had more of the vampish traits. They were strong, fast and could think and started planning attacks.

There were the zomps what were actually more like zombies, they were slow and had a more gurglish groan, but were strong, but you could kick their head in their skin was that weak so that was an advantage when you knocked them over with a little shove. We called them the dummies. 

Tyler had helped me when a few zomp had caught up with us. I told Naomi and Austin to keep on running, pushing a gun into their hands. While I fought hand to hand-clawish thing combat. I remember when I first saw him leaning against a tree when he finally realised I was needing a bit of help he ran over, bullets ringing out of his bulky gun.

“I’m just glad you’re alive and not one of them.” I hugged him. “Same to you. I’m glad you got far enough away.” I smiled when Morse cleared her throat, handing the bag back to me. “Impressive Jamie. We could use a girl like you on the team.” Tyler snorted. “Sorry Lacy, but I know Jamie, she won’t fight here. She, I believe is trying to keep her brother and sister safe, and I have to admit this place hasn’t got a good history.” I shrugged off his comment.

“I would but I have a place in mind that I’m heading.” So that’s what the L stood for. She looked a little hurt at Tyler’s comment, but she knew it was true. “As I was saying Jamie, we all share the food. A cart goes round delivering food to each room at the moment. Our food hall was attacked and it is on lockdown until we are sure it’s safe.” I still was unsure. I bit my lip, Tyler grinning at me. “Are you sure it’s ok?” she nodded. “Alright, but I have to leave tomorrow.” She frowned. “So soon.” Tyler even looked a little depressed. “Yes got to be heading, we don’t have that much further to go.”

“Where are you going?” Tyler raised his eyebrow. “We are going home.”

He shook his head throwing his arms in the air. “You can’t go home. You told me it was overrun with zomps!” I nodded. “That was three years ago Tyler. It should have died down. I have to know what happened and if anyone is alive. That was my home.”

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