Jamie and her twin siblings are living in a world taken over by zomps. Only teens and younger survive. Jamie protects her family with all her might, and thinks she has an idea to bring all the suffering to an end. She is heading home, not expecting to find anyone but she hopes there still is some people who will help her with her plan to create a safer world for her brother and sister to live in. But will she succeed?


5. P.S.


I passed a guard running with a machine gun about a year younger than me. He had light hair and looked scarred, like it was his first time going to kill a zomp. I laughed. “Don’t worry it’s been taken care of.” He looked me up and down then pointed the gun at me. “Whoa! Don’t point that thing at me I just took care of your problem.”

“How do I know you’re not infected?” He shouted, but his tone had an uneasy side to it. “Well I’m not, I never got a scratch or bitten, the blood is just on my clothes.” He lowered his gun. When it was completely lowered I extended my hand. When he went to take it I quickly spun him round and pushed the inside of my arm to his throat to cut of oxygen, not a lot but enough to make him worry.I placed my lips close to his ear.

“You point a gun at me again boy and I will never save your ass if a zomp comes after you. Do you know who I am? I’m the girl who just killed a zomp single handed. I only had five bullets and missed. It got past your security and your first guard. You’re lucky I took it down. Or you might not be breathing right now. I have sixty-four zomp teeth in a little bag and have killed more. So just a bit of advice, NEVER pull a gun on a zomp killer.” I lowered my arm a little.

“P.S you wouldn’t have hurt me with that aim, it would have went straight past me reflected off that wall and hit your foot.” I released him and headed for my room, I had a little hop in my step as I walked down the hall.

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