Jamie and her twin siblings are living in a world taken over by zomps. Only teens and younger survive. Jamie protects her family with all her might, and thinks she has an idea to bring all the suffering to an end. She is heading home, not expecting to find anyone but she hopes there still is some people who will help her with her plan to create a safer world for her brother and sister to live in. But will she succeed?


4. Number sixty four.

There was a knock at the door. “Jamie.” Tyler’s voice was soft, as if trying to get a cat from a tree. “Please come out.” I stayed silent. If I was quiet enough he would leave. A hot tear that stung my cheek slipped past my eye. I bit my lip as the tear slithered its way into my mouth; it tasted sad, which is hard to put a taste on. But it was a weird taste, hot and tangy. I could see his shadow as he slumped into a crouching position at the door.

“Please Jamie.” I kept silent. I wouldn’t answer; I didn’t want anyone to see my tears. I wanted to be strong in everyone’s eyes, especially Naomi and Austin’s. I heard a long hard sigh before the shadow vanished and loud footsteps headed up the hall. I screwed up my face, the tears had stopped but I was making sure that they couldn’t unravel at any time again.


After a long amount of time I slowly opened the door and walked down the hall. It must have been lights out, only a few lamps were hung. There were little circles of light, then a patch of darkness before another circle of light. I looked at each of the doors. Scratches and chips in the wood missing. I wrapped my torn black cardigan tight around me. There was a slight chill in the air, and I didn’t like it.

Then I heard it. Not quite a gurglish groan but a more confident muttering groan, it was a zomp, an attacker. It crossed in front of my path not noticing me. I knelt down and unzipped my bag grabbing a hand gun. When the zip opened the zomps head spun to look in my direction. His neck was detached from his body so someone had put up a good fight before getting mauled and eaten. It ran at an alarming speed. I struggled to get the gun in my hand then let out a shot. It hit the zomp in its chest, staling it for a minute before it charged again.

I let five shots go through the zomps body before I ran out of bullets. The zomp knocked me down, arms flailing trying to get a hold of my head to bite me. I kicked it in the stomach and could feel my trainers being sucked in by the gooey flesh. I punched it in the face trying to buy time but that made it worse. It clawed at me trying to scratch me but I made sure it missed redirecting its arms as they swung at me. 

I kicked it off and tucked and rolled. I landed crouching facing away from the zomp. I went into my sock pulled out the dagger and waited until I heard its charging cry. When I heard it I turned slitting its throat with the little dagger and yellow blood covered the floor. It fell to the floor, grabbing at its throat. I watched as it struggled to heal the slit. Then it stopped moving and just lay there. I knew that wouldn’t kill it so I cut off its head and took out its heart. The heart was still beating when I pried open the chest to pull it out with a vicious tug.

Then I was sure it wasn’t coming back. I opened its mouth to reveal the yellowy-purple teeth. I looked at the four sharpest teeth and picked the largest. I took the dagger stuck it into the fleshy white gum and flicked out the tooth onto my hand. A little blood accompanied the tooth but I could soon wash that off. I got out the tweed bag and threw the tooth in. “Make that sixty-four teeth I have.” I smirked clutching the bag in my hand before continuing to my room.


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