Jamie and her twin siblings are living in a world taken over by zomps. Only teens and younger survive. Jamie protects her family with all her might, and thinks she has an idea to bring all the suffering to an end. She is heading home, not expecting to find anyone but she hopes there still is some people who will help her with her plan to create a safer world for her brother and sister to live in. But will she succeed?


1. Intro.

Who thought it would come to this. All the adults gone, all authority,  leaving just us teens and the little kids, to fend for ourselves. It wasn’t their fault, how were they to know the test subject would get loose and bite people, Spreading the disease like wildfire. The adults weren’t completely gone, they walked around, but in my mind they were dead. They attacked us, our own parents not recognising their kids. Us having to kill our own parents, again. The disease was dreadful. It turned you into a dull, greenish figure. Not quite a Zombie you didn’t have a craving for brains, you had a craving for blood. At first the creatures went for adults, their blood satisfied them as it had 'matured', the older the better. But when all the adults had been eaten, infected or committed suicide so they couldn’t spread the disease, they went for the only remaining human food source. Us.


I am only a fifteen year old teenage girl, I fight these monsters to protect my remaining family. My twin sister and brother, Naomi and Austin are only ten. The disease hit three years ago and I had to grow up fast, while adults went into hiding thinking the disease wouldn’t spread to their kids as the things never attacked us, they were wrong. We could catch the disease as well, but it could take a week, at the most, to see any visible symptoms of changing. With adults it took a few hours, a day at the most.


Everyone called the diseased the Zomps. It was a mixture of zombie and vamps, we are teens and it seemed the simplest thing to call them. Plus when you have a Zomp running at you, you don’t want to be shouting a long name to alert people, you would be dead within the minute. My siblings and I were staying at a small sanctuary, getting some rest before we headed out again. We fled from our home when the zomps came knocking. I was protecting my family, I made a promise before our parents got infected and made me kill them. They didn’t want to hurt anyone. I missed them, but I have to stay strong for Austin and Naomi.

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