Fairy Tale, Gone Wrong.

Marina is your typical princess. She is waiting for her prince, but who has ever heard of the prince running away to leave the princess to save herself? Marina hasnt, maybe thats why its so hard to believe.


1. The castle.

Ok guys I’m sure you have heard a lot of fairy tale stories where the prince rescues the princess from the castle and they live happily ever after. Well that’s the world I live in; I was one of those princesses. My name is Marina, I was trapped in a castle since I was seven years old; I am now seventeen. That’s a long time to sit by yourself and do what I call... Nothing. The dusty walls got smaller and smaller every day, the spiders scurrying in and out of cracks. The satin curtains faded over the years. There was only one way in and one way out, but you had to get past the warlock that kept me imprisoned in this tower, and he didn’t want me to leave. He created a dragon from the shadows of the castle to keep me in and intruders out. Many tried to save me, but none succeeded. Unfortunately. Until that day.


A prince in gleaming silver armour rode up on a black stallion. I watched him from my window hoping he would be the lucky one. He crossed the log bridge into the dragon’s lair. I could hear a shriek and I was sure he was gone. I slumped back down on my bed and let out a long sigh. Then the door swung open and the armour sparkled as he marched towards me. “Need a prince?” I nodded he lifted me up in his arms and he headed down the stairs and towards the front door. I had never seen the castle since the day I arrived and to be honest it looked about the same, dust, dust and oh more dust, apart from the bones of the princes who tried to save me before. I was ecstatic this was it; I was getting out of this dirty shack. But then my thoughts of leaving were shattered when Marondo the wizard stood in our way.


“Out of our way old man.” The prince set me to the ground and took out his sword. “No she belongs to me.” His voice was ruff and sounded like it grated the back of his throat. “No, I am saving her.”

“No she’s mine.”

“No I’m saving her.”

“No she’s mine times infinity!” The prince cursed, they were acting like a bunch of children. “Sorry princes he times infiniteyed me.” He shrugged. “Do I look bothered can we leave now I have been in this castle ten years I am not staying!” He nodded. “I do not play these children games, now move!”

“Nope.” The wizard crossed his arms. “Then I shall strike you down where you stand.” He raised his sword, with a flick of his hand the wizard made the prince drop it and begin to punch himself. “I command you to stop that!” He muttered. When Marondo did the prince swayed from side to side. “OK, no broad is worth this hassle I’m out.” The prince marched away and left me standing in the castle. My mouth fell in disbelief.


What kind of prince just throws the princess back to the bad people and walks away? In the stories I’ve been told that never happens. Have you ever heard a story like that? I was sent back to my room, to wait for the next prince to take on Marondo. I still couldn’t believe it, he just left me! If that’s how princes really were I didn’t want one, I would find my own way out. I mean who needs a prince? Snow white, Fiona, Jasmine people like them, they couldn’t be that strong if they needed a stupid prince, well I am going to do this all by myself. Without any more help.

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