Slim Pickings

Darcy is a normal popular high school student who attends Daugherty High. She dreams of being a professional cheerleader but in order for her to become that her couch tells her that she needs to control her diet and cut down. After weeks of trying but not getting anywhere, Darcy decides to change her diet extremely. She begins starving herself to be able to attend the national champion ships. Her best friend Grace starts to notice the changes in Darcy at school and so does her sister Brooke but will they be able to stop Darcy’s extreme eating habits or will it end terrible for everyone?


6. The Result


Darcy’s P.O.V


I had left Grace to sit for the rest of lunch by herself. But thankfully Grace found a girl called Cass to keep her company. I had binned my lunch on the way out of the canteen and was now making my way to the P.E apartment. I was dreading it. Every inch of me was like jelly. Did Coach Bradshaw do this to all the girls or just with the ones that didn’t make the team? No, I had to think positive thoughts right? I stood outside the Coach’s office breathing heavily. Right, control yourself Darcy I thought. I knocked on the door and the usual deep voice said, ‘Come in.’

I closed the door behind me and took a seat opposite Coach Bradshaw.

Her office was a small room, only lit by natural light flooding in from the tiny window beside her desk. Trophies and Certificates were lined up on shelves opposite the door. There were so many I thought they were going to fall of the shelves.

Maybe the news was going to be bad. She looked serious anyway. Her hair was gelled and as always was in a tight bun at the back of her head. She wore a jumper or a fleece, I couldn’t tell. The high school’s symbol was right in the centre surrounded by the school colours. Red, Yellow and Green. A sheet of pale pink paper lay in front on her desk in front of her.

‘Hello Darcy,’ she said smiling at me. I smiled in reply but didn’t say a word.

‘I have some news for you,’ Coach Bradshaw told me. ‘ I’m afraid you didn’t make it to the cheerleading team.’

I shuffled in the chair. It was uncomfortable. ‘I don’t understand. My last Coach said I was perfect and my Arabesque was the best he’d ever seen!’ I was pleading now.

‘ I’m sorry Darcy.’

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was one of the best girls. ‘ Can I ask you why?’

She stared at me. Then she said, ‘Well the main reason is that you’re heavier than the other girls,’ she paused then carried on. ‘ I need a team that weigh the same and you don’t, so for that reason you can’t be on the team. I’m sorry Darcy.’

She wasn’t sorry. Not really. She properly picked the popular girls because she thought the team would get more attention that way. Well the answer to that was no, a definite no.

‘There must be a way that I can join. Like, maybe later on in the year?’ I asked her hoping the answer would be yes.

‘Well.’ She sat thinking for a while. I could almost hear her thoughts. ‘ I suppose if you lost some weight, maybe a stone and a bit?’ She said.

A stone and a bit! Who did she think I was? I defiantly wasn’t all those stars that go on the raw meat diets and all. But on the other hand, Cheerleading was my dream and had been since I first started it when I was four. It was the only thing that could clear my head and get me away from all the drama at home.

‘Fine, I’ll do it,’ I agreed.

‘Here take this.’ She handed me a piece of paper with scribbly writing on it. ‘ I can’t have you not eating anything, I need you to follow these instructions very carefully and in two months you’ll be allowed on the team.’ She smiled.

Two months! If I were to follow those instructions I would come back just one week before trials for Nationals. A week! I couldn’t learn what the others learned in two months in a week, I wasn’t that good.

‘Can I go now?’ I asked her. She nodded then started typing away on her shiny laptop.

I hurried out the room as fast as I could. I felt tears starting to form in my eyes. Running through the corridors, I wiped my tears away as the came streaming down my face. I arrived outside the girls’ bathroom. I forced my way through the door and locked myself in the end cubicle. I never wanted this to happen. I thought everything would be ok and I’d make it on the team, become extremely popular and every guy would fancy me. Doubt it now. The one that needs to lose weight, the fat one. Stuff Coach Bradshaw and stuff her little “instructions”. They’re needs to be a way I can lose it in a week at most. Well, celebrities can do it and so can I. I’ll lose it my own way and show everyone that I can achieve something at least. I just won’t eat, yes of course. The Cheerleading team better be ready for what’s about to hit them.

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