Slim Pickings

Darcy is a normal popular high school student who attends Daugherty High. She dreams of being a professional cheerleader but in order for her to become that her couch tells her that she needs to control her diet and cut down. After weeks of trying but not getting anywhere, Darcy decides to change her diet extremely. She begins starving herself to be able to attend the national champion ships. Her best friend Grace starts to notice the changes in Darcy at school and so does her sister Brooke but will they be able to stop Darcy’s extreme eating habits or will it end terrible for everyone?


5. My Time With Zac


Darcy dabbed a small amount of concealer onto her skin then slipped into a white body hugging jumpsuit. She checked herself out in the mirror. Perfect. A chunky mustard coloured cardigan and a gold belt was all she needed to complete her outfit. Darcy couldn’t wait for the second day of school for two simple reasons 1. She found out today whether she made the cheerleading team or not and 2. She would see Zac again.

The spring sun shone through the apple green leaves as dad drove Darcy and Brooke to the school gates where Grace stood leaning against the wall, a slim guy flirting with her.

Darcy cleared her throat. Grace pulled herself away from the older boy who looked disappointed to see her go. Darcy couldn’t believe Grace sometimes. Only the second day and she’s already chatting up guys that are way out of her league. ‘How are you today?’ Darcy asked her as she gave her a gentle hug. The girls walked into the world of high school once again just as the bell sounded for their first class.

Darcy’s P.O.V

Fifty-two painful minutes of maths with a super-boring teacher, Miss Drew. At least I had Zac to keep me company. ‘ So did you make it onto the team then?’ He asked as we copied the questions written on the board into our jotters.

‘Not sure yet, hopefully because it’s one of my favourite things.’ I replied. ‘How did you know anyway?’

‘I saw you there yesterday when I was at football trials.’

I rested my head on the palm of my hand and asked, ‘did they go well?’

‘ Ok, I suppose. I’m not that bothered if I don’t get in, at least I tried,’ Zac replied with a smile.

He was gorgeous like he should be a model for Vogue. His black hair had a little more volume in it and his eyes looked at me with a look of kindness. Our eyes met once again and that’s when I knew we had a special connection with each other.

‘You look really pretty today,’ he said studying my jumpsuit.

You’re looking hot today, I thought. I wanted to say it so badly but I knew I shouldn’t.

‘Thanks, you look pretty too.’

We both burst out laughing to the point when everyone in the class was staring at us.


‘What do you mean he complimented you?’ Grace asked I picked at my sandwich.

‘Shhh,’ I whispered analysing the room in case anyone had over heard our conversation. ‘It doesn’t mean that much anyway-‘

A petite girl with long braided hair and a cute face interrupted us. She gave us a beaming smile that showed pearl white teeth.

 ‘Are you Darcy?’ She asked turning to me.

I nodded in reply. How did she know my name?

‘Coach Bradshaw would like to see you in the practise room.’ She said then turned on her heel and walked of to join a large group of girls standing at the doorway.

My palms suddenly turned clammy. This was it.

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