Slim Pickings

Darcy is a normal popular high school student who attends Daugherty High. She dreams of being a professional cheerleader but in order for her to become that her couch tells her that she needs to control her diet and cut down. After weeks of trying but not getting anywhere, Darcy decides to change her diet extremely. She begins starving herself to be able to attend the national champion ships. Her best friend Grace starts to notice the changes in Darcy at school and so does her sister Brooke but will they be able to stop Darcy’s extreme eating habits or will it end terrible for everyone?


9. "Just Like One Of Those Skinny Girls..."

Things have changed for me, I hardly eat anymore and Grace is slowly drifting apart from me. Remember the girl called Cass that I told you about? Well, all of a sudden Grace has become her best friends and now they are hanging out at the weekend and going to cheerleading practise together, it's like I don't exist when I'm with them. Anyway, I'm trying to focus more on cheerleading these days. Not being allowed into the gym at school is hard enough without having to face Coach Bradshaw every second day for a session of sport to keep the students healthy.


One afternoon Brooke took me to our favourite spot in Charlesville. It's called The Sunset View and believe it or not you can see the sunset when you sit up there at night. We made our way up to the top of the hill, panting as we reached the top. The trees around us painted the sky a deep crimson with a pale shade of dark, burnt orange. We sat down together, breathing heavily. "I've . . . always loved . . . it up . . . here,"Brooke said through breaths. 

I nodded in agreement. The sun was starting to disappear behind the mountain in the distance. "It really is beautiful up here," I said wiping my black hair out of my face as the wind started to pick up. 

Brooke rested her chin on her bent knees. She was beautiful, like something you'd see in a magazine that had been edited to make it look beautiful, but this was normal Brooke. Gorgeous, without trying. Her silver-blonde hair seemed to glow in the dim sunset light and her eyes sparkled a blue that I'd never seen before. God, I wish I was more like her. More like the skinny celebrities in magazines, just like one of those skinny girls. The ones that know they're better than everyone else because they are skinny, and it's true they are better in my opinion. 

After the sun fully disappeared Brooke and I made our way back to the house. To my surprise Cass was outside leaning on our wall waiting for us to come closer so she wouldn't have to shout to be heard. "Darcy, thank God you're back," she panted, like she had been running for a long time. "Something terrible has happened."

Cass had her hands on my shoulders now, shaking me slightly. Brooke stayed by my side asking her what was wrong.

"It's Grace, she's . . . in hospital. She is seriously injured. She's in a coma."

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