Slim Pickings

Darcy is a normal popular high school student who attends Daugherty High. She dreams of being a professional cheerleader but in order for her to become that her couch tells her that she needs to control her diet and cut down. After weeks of trying but not getting anywhere, Darcy decides to change her diet extremely. She begins starving herself to be able to attend the national champion ships. Her best friend Grace starts to notice the changes in Darcy at school and so does her sister Brooke but will they be able to stop Darcy’s extreme eating habits or will it end terrible for everyone?


10. Cass

I couldn't believe it. Grace, someone so strong . . . in a coma. We were nearly at the hospital when Graces mom called. 

"Hello," I said down my mobile phone. "Mrs Goodwin, is Grace alright? Are you alright?"

There was sobs then, "Oh, Darcy. Grace . . . she's in a coma. It was a cheerleading accident."

I gasped. "Will she be okay?" 

"Eh . . . I don't know. She hit her head, badly. The doctor said that she should wake in a few months, they might just be saying that to console me though."

I shook my head even although I knew Mrs Goodwin could not see me. "She will be okay, don't worry. Cass told us, we've arrived at the hospital right now. I have to go but please keep in touch." I hung up.

Mom, Dad, Cass, Brooke and I jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped in the parking space. Briskly, we walked to the hospital doors which opened for us. I marched up to reception. "Grace Goodwin, she's in a coma. I need to know her room," I demanded at the receptionist who was taken aback.

"Please calm down. I need your name," she said in a soothing voice.

 "Darcy Goodwin, she's her sister," Brooke said to the woman. "And this is Cass Goodwin, her other sister."

Brooke had always been a good lier, even better when it was people she didn't know that she was lying to. 

The receptionist nodded. "She's in room two hundred and sixty four, second floor , third left."

*   *   *

Cass and I were let into the room. Grace lay there on the bed, silent and pale like paper. "Oh Grace." I threw myself down onto one of the chairs beside the bed. Cass sat down next to me on a separate chair.

"She looks so frail and thin," Cass said looking Grace up and down. 

"I want to be thin like that," I mumbled what I thought was quiet, but Cass heard. 

"You want to be thin? Why? Darcy you are thin, you're thinner than me," Cass sounded concerned.

"Of course I want to be, I need to be for cheerleading. Coach Bradshaw said I couldn't come back until I lost weight. And I've been trying so hard, nothing worked," I explained to Cass hoping she would just leave it at that but she wouldn't.

"So what have you done Darcy? You haven't starved yourself . . . have you?" she asked me staring into my eyes. When I didn't reply she just said, "Oh my God, why didn't you tell me or Grace? Does your mom or dad know? Or Brooke?" 

I shook my head. Tears filled in my eyes then stared pouring out of them like waterfalls. "No, no one knows, I didn't want them worrying."

"Oh, Darcy . . . You need to tell someone."

"Well, I've told you now haven't I?" I didn't mean to snap back at her.

"Listen, you need serious help Darcy. You need it right now," Cass was speaking with a gentle voice.

"How? How do you know what I need? You don't know what I'm going through," I was raising my voice at her, what was wrong with me?

"Oh, you'd be surprised by what I know. I used to have it, an eating disorder. Never told anyone . . . not even my family. Then I became ill, very ill with it. Was put into hospital and the nurses nearly gave up on me." Cass was whispering now.

I was shocked, Cass didn't look anorexic. She was a normal weight, like I had been before. "Why? What was your reason?"

"Friends, boys, and I guess magazines had a lot to do with it. All the celebrities that were size zero, I decided I wanted to be like them. So I stopped eating." She paused then added, "I've never told anyone out of my family Darcy, you're the only friend that knows."

"I'm sorry Cass. I had no idea, you've been through more than me. I'm so selfish." The tears had stopped, eventually.

"Listen, it's not your fault. Eating healthy is good, starving yourself is not. You just need to see the difference. As long as you promise me that you will eat now and that you will not tell anyone about my past."

I looked down at myself. Bones sticking out of my wrists and my collarbones were visible, what had I become? "Of course I would tell anyone," I said standing up. 

"Good. You didn't answer the first promise Darcy. Will you or won't you?"

I sighed. Why was Cass so good at remembering things and pointing them out to me? "Fine, I promise."

"Sure? You can't break promises."

"Yes I'm sure." There it was again . . . another lie.

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