Slim Pickings

Darcy is a normal popular high school student who attends Daugherty High. She dreams of being a professional cheerleader but in order for her to become that her couch tells her that she needs to control her diet and cut down. After weeks of trying but not getting anywhere, Darcy decides to change her diet extremely. She begins starving herself to be able to attend the national champion ships. Her best friend Grace starts to notice the changes in Darcy at school and so does her sister Brooke but will they be able to stop Darcy’s extreme eating habits or will it end terrible for everyone?


1. A Rainy Night Gone Wrong



Sometimes in the depths of some stormy nights, I like to sit on my windowsill and watch the lightening streak the sky, close my eyes and feel the wind streak across my arms and face. If I spread my arms, and really imagine, I can feel myself lifting into the dark sky, thunder rushing across my body and lightening missing me by inches. Darcy hunches herself into the tiny corner of her room, her sobs covered by the blissful thunder crashes... If only I had wings, she wishes. To escape this hell.

I glanced up and looked into the sky. I belong their I thought to myself. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. ‘Darcy, are you in here?’ came a voice.  A slim hand curved round the edge of the door and flicked on the bedroom light. The dusty lampshade illuminated the small room. I quickly wiped the teardrops that were falling like waterfalls down my pale face. I glanced up; the scene I was about to witness was horrendous. Two tall strangers were standing in the middle of my room waiting like they were ready to catch me. Mum was standing at the door with tears streaming down her face and a scrunched up tissue in her shaking hands.

‘What the hells going on?’ shouted a voice. It was Brooke. She squeezed past mum and froze at the sight of the two men.

‘We need to take your sister to be treated at a special clinic,’ said one of the men edging towards me like I was a lion and I was about to pounce on him.

‘ No!’ I screamed. I tried to make a break for it but both of the men grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the room.

Brooke was screaming for me. Mum was still crying but done nothing to try and stop them from taking me to a special clinic. I flattened my feet on the hard flooring but my socks didn’t give me any grip. I was weak; even if I tried to escape I couldn’t go anywhere. My dad stood at the bottom of the staircase holding onto rums collar.

Rum was Brookes and mine first and only pet according to our parents. He is a fluffy German shepherd dog. I remember having to sit in the back of our dads Ford Focus as we drove down to Albany to pick him up. He was two weeks old when we got him. He had the cutest face I’d ever seen and we fell in love with him as soon as we saw him. I remember watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a portable DVD player and calling him Rum because that’s what they drank.

Rum barked and tried to bite at the men’s ankles. I’ve never seen him like that. Brooke rushed down the stairs and tried to pull the strangers hands off me but my father dragged her back letting go of Rum. My mum had rushed down the stairs after Brooke and she suddenly appeared beside me. Just when I thought I was been saved from this nightmare my mum opened the front door for them to drag me outside. ‘ No!’ I screamed again. ‘ Please don’t let them take me!’

The noisy sounds of Rum barking and Brooke shouting and sobbing were quietened when the front door swung shut.  Rain was still poundings down from the stormy sky. A clap of thunder illuminated the neat front garden. Raindrops splattered all over Darcy’s face as the two men shoved her in the back seat of a white van. The thunder had shone on the van making it easier for Darcy to see the writing on the side of it. CHARLESVILLE ANOREXIA CLINIC it said in curly violet writing. Darcy panicked. What was she going to do? What will her friends say when they realise she’s at a ‘special’ clinic?

On Darcy’s first day of high school she met Grace. A loveable red haired girl with gorgeous green eyes with a hint of brown which always-reminded Darcy of the leaves in autumn. Grace had been the one to force Darcy into the cheerleading team and since then Darcy had been grateful for it.

The two men squeezed into the spongy front seats of the small van their large shoulders bumping against the others. The engine wheezed and hissed at us as it rattled into position. I knew now that there was nothing I could do, I might not see my friends again and it was a definite bye to cheerleading forever.

I am Darcy and this is my story…

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