Deceiver *One-Shot*

To be honest, I don't know how to describe this work... It's Melancholian, mysterical and a bit, just a bit light. Short but not precise, and most of all, it's about a person who I could never describe. Myself. Enjoy.


2. Songlist


I would rather die, than for us to be apart.”

- Poison Love, New Moon Soundtrack (didn't get on the actual soundtrack, but was written for it.)


You can't fix me, I'm torn apart," 

- Broken by Leona Lewis


I'm not a car you can fix, I'm never gonna run right.”

- New Moon, Stephenie Meyer (Bella Swan quote.)


Life is so hard, it hurts like hell! Forget about everything and run away.”

- Runaway by Avril Lavigne


So I'll watch you life in pictures, like I used to watch you sleep, and I'll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe."

- Last Kiss by Taylor Swift


I know it's gonna take some time, to finally realize I got nothing left inside. I'm broken.”

- Broken by Leona Lewis


Pretend I'm okay with it all. Act like there's nothing wrong. Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes? Is this as hard as it gets? Is this what it feels like to really cry?”

- Cry by Kelly Clarkson


I can go home to my love, and live the life I've always wanted. Or I can go on, running of into the night, lonely and haunted. And the strange thing is, I don't know which I prefer..."

- Sacre Cour by Tina Dickow


Still she'd write time to time, she would manage a smile, while her hope floated away in the breeze.”

- Cigarette Smoke by Cara Salimando


You've been left with nothing as a child, it's a lot to carry. You've been empty-handed all your life, a heavy weight to carry. Things could be different, but it wouldn't be the same. You wouldn't be the girl I love without this weight. 'Cause all these years, feeling small and misplaced. The only lonely girl on Noah's ark.

And all these years, dealing with radioactive waste, has made you glow in the dar

- Glow by Tina Dickow (slightly edited.)


So if your just a dreamer, then I'll be the realist darling, I'm a deceiver. Take you too far, then let go. Say you believe me, but I'm a deceiver, that tied us together, cut the ropes.”

- Deceiver by Cara Salimando


She took all sorts of polaroid pictures, and watched them develop in her head. And she likes them so much, oh look, but don't touch. And she puts them away, for some other day.”

- Caroline by Cara Salimando

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