After Dark

Jennifer Kaitlin Mayson is just your average teenage girl, hanging with friends, going to school, just being a kid...That is until her world is flipped upside down, filled with angels, demons and magic...


1. Dawn

The room was empty. Shadows danced beyond the window in the moonlit garden.  Beams of fluorescent silver strips shone down through the tall skylight and highlighted the floor in front of her. It glistened like a ballroom spotlight. A waltz for only two. There his hand reached for hers. He moved with such elegance, flowing like water. She watched him closely. Closing her eyes for a brief moment and taking a deep breath, only to find herself face to face with the most magnificent pair of eyes she’d ever seen. They glistened like stars in the night sky. She was glued to them; she couldn’t bear to look away, for fear of losing him. He was a dark, cold hearted creature of the night, yet somehow warm and inviting. She was terrified but longed for their lips to touch. How could something so wrong feel so right? Because it did feel right. It felt as though they were meant to be there. Like fait. Something she never would have believed in until that moment.  Something came over her, a feeling she had never felt before. Love. It felt like butterflies, but the good kind. The ones you get whilst racing the track on a rollercoaster. A rush of excitement you don’t want to end... He reached in, leaning closer and closer until...


Just a dream. Jenn awoke with a thud.

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