The missing

this is a working progress but hope you like it


6. 6:

Katie had had a good day at school no one had teased her, they had just left her alone, not walked past smigering just walked pass silently.  As Katie walked down her road she saw a boy and a girl kissing she smiled she thought about young love, and then about Rob who she had forgotten all about. 

But then suddenly she recognised the boy her dark locks of curls became formilier, she recognised the girl long blond hair just above the waist and her bag it was a Jack Wills one like.... it was Emily the girl she hated! She had always teased her about her looks.

Suddenly Katie froze as the couple stopped kissing, she caught a glimpse of the boy it it cant be no she felt like screaming! IT WAS ROB!!! WITH EMILY! KISSING! he said he liked her though!

Suddenly she knew it was all to good to be true

How could he how could he do this to her? She never did anything to hurt him. Did she?

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