The missing

this is a working progress but hope you like it


4. 4:

"Hey you going to town?" his big blue eyes sparkled as the sun hit them.


" Ah mind if i join you as got nothing better to do?"

"Yeah sure im just buying some new clothes though nothing intresting, is that okay?"

"Yeah fine"

They had been out for 2 hours now just chatting away, like old friends.  She had brought some clothes and earings Rob kept comentaiting on how she looked and how her hair was lovely.  It made Katie feel special like she was wanted for once and he wasnt getting bored talking to her, that he really was happy he came with her.  After 3 hours Katie had a feeling she should be home by now as her dinner would be ready.  When they had gotten to the front door it grew silent suddenly Robs gase meet Katies.

"Thanks for a great night i love it, maybe we could do it again sometime?" His smile grew bigger as did Katies.

"Yeah i would love that to, So night." She smiled and went to turn the door knobe when she felt someones hand hold hers and pull her back.  She knew it was Robs, she smiled.  She turned and faced him they were growing closer by the second Rob leaned in a gave her a kiss on the cheak, they both smiled and Rob walked away. 

Katie opened the door she felt as though she had been hit in the face with scents of food that was cooked just right. 

"im home" she called hapily.  She hung her bag on the peg and walked through to the kitchen, where Julia had sweetcorn in a bot with carrots and brocolie in another and chicken strips in a big dish, a bottle of J2O which was Katies favourite and a boal of sun kissed glowing golden chunky chips. 

And there sitting waiting was Julia smiling.

Katie and Julia had a real conforsation for once they chatted for ages like old friends that hadent see each other in years it came to 8:30 and Katie decided to get ready for bed. 

Katie jumped in the shower and dryed her hair at her dressing table, she wiped all her runned mascara from her shower off her face and got into her pj's, she wasnt very tired so she decided to read on her window ledge for a bit.

Katie was wizing through her book just like the time was and by the time she checked the time thinking it was about 9:30 it was 11! and a school night, she quickly jumped into bed and fell fast asleep for the first time in ages.


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