The missing

this is a working progress but hope you like it


3. 3


“your in a good mood today how was school?” Julia asked smiling thinking for once she had got through to her “fine thanks” Katie walked out the room and up the old stairs and into her room when she walked in for the first time ever she saw her as a young child running around. She decided that she should change her room she got out her foster mums pink paint and painted her walls painted the bed frame windowsill and dressing table all white she put all her old pebbles and shells she got with her father into a box and put it under her bed she found some of the birthday presents she got from a year ago she got out the ballet dancer jewellery box and put it on the side along with a few pieces of make up and pretty hair slides. She finally felt grown up she felt like she had moved one and her dad would have been happy for her. She sat down by her dressing table and combed through her hair for once she smiled at her reflection. She opened the window and looked out and saw the sea bashing up against the rocks and then all of sudden they just flowed in a calm way not crashing into the rocks just gently brushing past them.

She looked in her wardrobe and took out a nice white top and put on a pair of jeans as well he went for the jumper as she thought she always looked fat without one but she looked at the long mirror and decided she didn’t and walked down the stairs. “you look nice hunnie going anywhere?” Julia asked nicely “im just going to go to town on my own iv got some money I just wanted some more cloths will be back soon though” “oh no don’t spend your money on that here take some of mine have fun oh and if you would really like you can get a mobile have fun bye” “that Jullie so much bye” she closed the door and started walking up the road. She was smiling when suddenly she heard someone call her “Katie Katie” she turned around a big grin formed across her face it was Rob “hey” Katie said smiling should could feel herself blushing under all the make she had on.

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