The missing

this is a working progress but hope you like it


2. 1

Suddenly the girls behind burst out laughing it sound as if they where just laughing to get noticed by him he turned around then looked back “are they your mates?” “no” “ah well they are acting four and they are horribly ugly don’t you think?” “there the most popular in our school!” “oh well I thought you would be?” “no way”.

They had come back to there houses “well I have to go now but can I have your number?” Katie felt a big grin cover her face “sure its 07865437263” “thanks ill call you later then bye” “bye”.

Katie said goodbye and opened the door to her house door with a big smile she suddenly forgot about her father and started thinking about Rob she had a big smile on her face. For once she put her shoes to the side nicely and put her bag on the hanger instead of on the floor as Julia had always asked her to do. “I’m home” she walked into the kitchin to find Julia there baking tea as always she never said anything normal just walked upstairs and it was always Julia who started the conversation.

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