The missing

this is a working progress but hope you like it


1. 1

Katie sat in her room looking out her window. Looking out at the sea and the happy families with there children, thinking how her life used to be so perfect, like that but that all changed. Katie wasn’t much of a girly girl she preferred doing sports reading and writing and she wasn’t a popular person either. Her walls in her room were a baby blue colour they haven’t been changed since she was young, it had a simple single bed that had blue sheets, a wardrobe and a old wooden dressing table the rest of her room just had old things from the past on shelves and sides. Sea shells from the sea from when she was young she collected with her dad and other memories that brought back her dad. When Katie was only two her father got taken away from her she never found out the reason why and then she was put in care. Now all she thought about was why he was taken and how she was going to find out who did it to her. Her dad meant everything to her.

“Katie Katie” called her foster mother from the bottom of the stairs. Katie took a deep breath “coming” she shouted she even though she didn’t have the power to move, she was tired she didn’t get much sleep last night. Like every night. She walked down the wooden old battered stairs of the house she lived in she didn’t call it home. As she walked in as normal there was the bowl of her favourite cereal and the glass of orange juice. She almost felt bad, her foster mother Julia always tried so hard to be kind and make everything perfect and as always Katie just sat there silent. It was her birthday in 3 weeks but she didn’t care she thought the point of celebrating was a waist of time and not worth the hassle but still her foster mum had friends round well not really friends of hers and yet again she tried to act happy.

After she finished she said thanks and walked out she didn’t feel like school she never did but then she went every morning with no fuss. She walked back up the creaky old stairs and into her room she sat on the bed wanting to go back to sleep again after a few minutes she awoke in a shock like she always did after that same dream she always had. She went to her dresser combed her hair throw she looked at her reflected and still saw a part of her missing she always had since her dad left.

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