A trip through the stars

renesmee is the girl under the stair case that has been dreaming about the stars ever since she was young. one day she finds a big blue box... in her attic...


3. time lordess.

Renesmee and the doctor just sat there, complete silence for ages. The doctor couldnt stand it anymore.

" Okay! its to quiet.. Any way, Renesmee, im the surviving one. Me and your mother, we got into this war with these... I will tell you later but, your mother died and i ran to get to safety. When the war first broke out we sent you away to your aunt and uncle here on earth. I had to protect you there was no other way you would be safe. i've been going back to were the war was, on planet gallifreyand im so glad I sent you away other wise you wouldnt be here right now. But i see now that your aunt and uncle didnt look after you very much."

"But why am I here, if you've been here for three years then why didnt you just tell me?"

"Because I look after earth and defete aliens and help humans on this planet. I know it doesnt sound normal im human but sort of alien but dont worry about that for the moment. I travel time, I can go to the future and back in one day.. I didn't want you to get hurt, you were so young and you still are. In your body, you have two hearts, so do i but..

As the doctor was about finish the sentence renesmee cut him off.

"But I thought that was normal."

"I- it is well, it isnt for a normal for a human, but your no human, your like me half human, half alien... You are a time lordess.

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