A trip through the stars

renesmee is the girl under the stair case that has been dreaming about the stars ever since she was young. one day she finds a big blue box... in her attic...


2. Hello, i'm your father.

The dark blue box stood there in the corner of thee room. As Renesmee approched the box the door swung open to find a rather tall man in a dark suit with a bow tie and braces.

"Who are you and why are you in my house?"

"Ohh yer, im the doctor, sorry to scare you i was trying to be quiet..."

"How long have you been here?"

"About three years, i've been looking after you since you were abandomed, feeding you, keeping the house clean."

"But why? I've never needed a carer in this house."

"Give me five minuets, i need to get something, ooh and while your waiting can you get me some fish fingers and custurd... Yumm."


As the Doctor closed the door to the box, Renesmee whent down stairs and started to make his some fish finger and then opened the carton of custurd. She was wondering why she haddn't known that there was a creepy man sneaking around upstairs and looking after her.

"Hello again, right i told you i was going to get something ... This is it." As he said that he passed Renesmee a big book filled with photos.

" They are all of you and a women... And me?"

The doctor looked renesmee in the eye

" Hello Renesmee, im you father."


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