I Love You

Paris is a normal 16 year old girl, prettier than average, smart and full of high hopes. Studying for a better future, she is determined for nothing to distract her. Untill an unexpected surprise shows up at her school, a new student. This one person is all it takes to send her world spiraling out of control. All because of him.


1. Paris

Okay Paris, stay calm, deep breaths, dont trip.

Walking up towards the school gates, I try desperately to compose myself, try to remember this years goal; stay focused. Its not like I am easily distracted or anything, it just seemed like a reasonable goal to set myself, seeing as this year is crucial. I need five good A level results so I can qualify for Cambridge...and...my dream career. This year will be different, for sure.

Although, as far as I can see, the regular cliques are still as tight as ever. The Chavs are still trying to sneak ciggarettes into the school in their bra's; the Geeks are still trying to 'experiment' with make-up, trying and failing. Perhaps its due to the fact that they considers shovelling on the blusher and mascara to be the new geek trend, um, i dont think so!.

Much to my dispare, though, the two main groups in the school are still divided. Populars and Averages. I mean, is it too much to ask that someone in this school shows a little individuality? Oh wait!, like thats ever going to happen.

"Hey Twinkle!". My train of thought is stopped abruptly as I turn to see the same familiar cheeky grin, complete with the deepest brown eyes that wouldnt look out of place on a  Labrador.

"Jakey!", I lean forward for a bear hug, and only now do I realise just how much I've missed him. I practically inhale him, sniffing at his hoodie for a reminder of the Linx spray I bought him for his 16th birthday. His scent.

"What did I do to diserve that hug? hang on! let me guess?......is it my smouldering looks or my amazing sence of humour?".

"All of that" I reply, stealing another hug and pulling him over to our lockers. I pause and stare at my best friend for a moment, he looks different, older somehow... whats up with him?.

"What you staring at?" he inquires, cocking his head to one side.

"Nothing, I just....missed you, thats all" I breathe out and start for the form room. I wonder if my teacher has had her monthly botox injections yet? if not there will be some serious wrinkles today....

"I forgot my calculator!, Mr Gillmore is gonna kill me!" Jake cries, his face crowded with dispair. Bless him, he's always forgetting his stuff.

"Oh well, Jakey, its the first day, everyone will have forgotten something " I say, "Lets go to form".

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