I Love You

Paris is a normal 16 year old girl, prettier than average, smart and full of high hopes. Studying for a better future, she is determined for nothing to distract her. Untill an unexpected surprise shows up at her school, a new student. This one person is all it takes to send her world spiraling out of control. All because of him.


2. Jake

Paris looks different. Oh who am I kidding? she looks hot! and i'm not just talking about the normal kind of hot, i'm talking about epic hotness!.

I watch her as we walk up the science corridor, long and narrow, towards form. Her reddy-brown hair flows effortlessly by her elbows, framing her heart shaped face. And her eyes...oh god... her eyes, made up of different shades of brown and ruby glints, framed by the longest and darkest lashes I have ever seen on a girl. She has creamy caramel colured skin, flawless and even. Hot.

No jake! just no!

I shouldn't be thinking this, lokking at her like this, she's my best friend!.

Following after her into the form room, I listen to the steady buzz of holiday related conversations and settle down in my seat in the third row, taking out my Nintendo to play some games before the boring part begins.

"Now class, quieten down, we have a new student," she mutters through heavily made up, stiff lips "This is Devon Thomas, make him welcome".

Casually looking up, I notice the tall presence of the new kid making his way to the empty seat next to Max. He is looking around confidently, weighing everyone up. At last, his gaze stops... at Paris, who is fiddling with her hair and looking at her timetable, un aware of the unwanted (in my mind) attension she is attracting.

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