I Love You

Paris is a normal 16 year old girl, prettier than average, smart and full of high hopes. Studying for a better future, she is determined for nothing to distract her. Untill an unexpected surprise shows up at her school, a new student. This one person is all it takes to send her world spiraling out of control. All because of him.


3. Devon

I dont think that there is anything as nerve wracking as startng a new school, I mean, I would be fine if it was Primary school, but its not, Its high school. Everyone has there own clique as far as I can see. Goths, Cheerleaders, Chavs, Geeks... but one girl in the corner, she Is on her own yet she stands out substancially. As she looks up to glance at the board, I know why... she is beautiful.

Long wavy hair, down to her elbows, a mixture of red and brown like autumn leaves. Her eyes yet another array of colour and the longest lashes contrasting beautifully with her tanned, light brown skin. oh no! shes looking at me! crap! what do I do? smile Devon, smile. Baring my teeth, I aim for the most meaningful smile I can manage. Shes smiling back! god, that smile is so cute, and those dimples....

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