Kids on a School Bus

In a tragic accident, a school bus carrying 30 school children crashed. Many, including the driver, died. But each have their own story to tell. And here it is. Just for you.


4. Alice


Alice looked into the mirror. She was not content with what she saw. Her numerous rolls of stodgy fat drowned out her thoughts, so she instead tucked away a strand of matted hair and tried to concentrate on her face. The rings around her eyes were a dull grey and her pasty face was in need of some colour. But Alice knew how to fix that. “Alice!” She could hear her Dad cry from down-stairs. “What d’ya want for breakfast?” Her answer was automatic:

 “I’m not hungry dad, thanks. I’ll pick something up at school.” In truth, Alice was starving. She could feel pangs of hunger engulf her stomach and mind. But that was her punishment: and after a while, once the pain had weighed itself out, it became a reward.

Alice remembered the days when she was bullied. For being who she was. For being fat. So she had decided to reinvent herself, she had to. It was survival of the fittest. School was the hardest thing that she ever had to do, even harder than the hunger at the beginning. Of course, Alice still wasn't popular. She was one of the neutrals; she wasn't popular, but she wasn't quite at the bottom of the pile. That didn't make her any less important. But it did when she went to school. 


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