The mission

Can you run away from your past even if it runs through your blood?
Can you betray your friend just because you love her?
Can you keep a secret that wasn't yours to keep?
Me and my friends have a journey to take but it's up to you if you want to take part. Join my mission and help me and my friends to complete our failed mission.


4. The truth

"My dad was a spy and I grew up to be one."
"What about your mum," I was afraid she might ask that. She put her hands over her mouth as if she wasn't meant to say it out loud. I just shrugged hoping she'd take the hint that it was okay, I didn't mind.
"When my mum had me she thought my dad would stop being a spy. When he didn't, she left,"
Chloe knowing I didn't want to talk right now changed the subject. "That's so cool so like what happened." I had a lump in my throat and found it hard to talk about this particular subject. I mean I haven't talked about this in ages and it kind of just hit me that I am really upset by what happened, still. Max, annoyingly car tied on for me but I was grateful.
"There was this, ummmmm, particular mission that was, errrrrr, difficult." Well I couldn't say it better myself.
He thought about it for a while then carried on."We had to go check out this house that was supposedly haunted. It was meant to be just a check out but I don't know what happened,"
Impatient Chloe just nodded Max on and urged him to say more. There was a long silence, I just realized that they were both looking at me.
"We were at the broken down house and we decided to split up and have a look around. It was a setup!" I really think I couldn't go on, I mean I owed it to Chloe. She has to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
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