The mission

Can you run away from your past even if it runs through your blood?
Can you betray your friend just because you love her?
Can you keep a secret that wasn't yours to keep?
Me and my friends have a journey to take but it's up to you if you want to take part. Join my mission and help me and my friends to complete our failed mission.


5. Meet my parents!!!!!

"Chloe, it was my mum. My mums a spy." She looked confused, well that's how I was when I found out. "my mum set it up, she ..........."
"she wanted to kill me," I couldn't take this, I just can't. Its like reliving the moment. Tears started flowing from my eyes, more and more rapidly. I usually never cry in front of anyone, it's like a major shame for a spy to admit they have feelings. I get and run out the room ignoring the worried cries behind me. I stop straight in my tracks as I come face to face with someone. Just looking at him makes my stomach turn.
"!" The blood drained from my face

That was how I ended up at my dad's office, just like the old days except now he had this disappointed look on his face. We sat in silence and then eh finally said " Why, why would you do this to me. After you mum left, you wan to leave me too." He seemed really distressed about this.
"I couldn't take this any more. The expectation when I don't even want to be this cold blooded killer."
He looked at me hard and said "that's not the reason. Come on Iz, I know you. That's not the reason, is it."
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