The mission

Can you run away from your past even if it runs through your blood?
Can you betray your friend just because you love her?
Can you keep a secret that wasn't yours to keep?
Me and my friends have a journey to take but it's up to you if you want to take part. Join my mission and help me and my friends to complete our failed mission.


2. How could you?

" Oh Iz, I thought you knew me better than that. You don't have a choice in this." So, he wasn't going to leave until he took me back to the academy. I bolted out the door and down the stairs taking two at a time. Just when I thought I actually might make it to the door then there was Max again blocking my path. The glimmer of hope that was once shining now went as dark as the night itself. I wake up from my deep, dreamless sleep to find me in a room I know. A room that stirs painful memories. I look about me slowly and find myself in a smallish room with a bed, bedside table and a wardrobe. In the room next door is a small bathroom, all to myself. I could walk around this room blindfolded and still know where everything is. This is my room. We're in the academy!
I look about me panicking, trying to find a way out but then dismiss the idea, knowing it is useless. I then focussing on trying to calm myself because after that long, unnatural sleep I am very weak. I slowly climb out of bed my legs wobbling beneath me. I'm dressed in pajamas, my pajamas from my apartment, of coarse that explains it. Max! The door suddenly opens making me jump and every nerve in my body tenses.
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