The mission

Can you run away from your past even if it runs through your blood?
Can you betray your friend just because you love her?
Can you keep a secret that wasn't yours to keep?
Me and my friends have a journey to take but it's up to you if you want to take part. Join my mission and help me and my friends to complete our failed mission.


3. Hellhole!!!!!!

Max comes in now out of his black combat suit and now in sweat pants and a white tee-shirt.
"So your awake?" he said not expressing any emotion what so ever.
"How could you do that to me, you knew I never wanted to go back to this hellhole, so why did you do it," I said my voice getting louder with each word.
"I missed you, I wanted to see your face again and you don't belong in that world you belong with us. With me!" I turned away not wanting to see his face, not because I hate him it's because I missed him too.
"Your friend is in the room next door if you want to see her," he muttered looking away.
"Yes please, she deserves an explanation," I say looking straight at him, right into his eyes. Even if a wave of emotion was willing to wash over me, I would never give in.

We walk next door and I see Chloe pacing up and down, like we never left the apartment. I should have listened to her, I could have saved her from this painful truth.
"Hey Chloe, are you okay?" I say looking straight at her pained face.
"Izzie what's going, tell me the truth okay." she looks straight into my eyes while saying this. I sit down on the bed next to her and start my story.
"Well Chloe this is going to be hard to believe but it's true, okay. I am a spy." She gasps and Max, who still hasn't left yet unfortunately, chuckles. There's a long silence, which I guess is good, or wait is it bad.
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