The mission

Can you run away from your past even if it runs through your blood?
Can you betray your friend just because you love her?
Can you keep a secret that wasn't yours to keep?
Me and my friends have a journey to take but it's up to you if you want to take part. Join my mission and help me and my friends to complete our failed mission.


1. A special someone.

"Izzie are you listening to me, Alex asked me out!"
"Of coarse I am listening to you, Chloe and that's awesome, wait is that the one who went out with Stacey," I said on the couch as Chloe paced up and down. Does she ever rest I mean we do the same thing every day and I am shattered. I get as much rest as I can get, it's just a bad habit, I guess. I must have gone off daydreaming because Chloe sighed heavily and stormed out the room. Just as I returned to my t.v I heard a scream and then all went silent. I rushed out the room as fast as i could. It never occurred to me that I would need a weapon to defend myself with. I just thought I wouldn't face such a terrible threat, I mean Chloe could be screaming about anything. I hope!
I get to her room, where I heard the scream. Well I found her, but she was on the floor. I ran to her and checked her pulse, she seems to be alive thank god but just knocked out. The door slammed shut and I nearly jumped on top of Chloe.
"You've forgotten your training,Iz." I whirled around to see who said that and found myself face to face with a blond haired, blue eyed, tallish guy. The features were so familiar to me it was like it was etched into my brain. I knew this person, this person who knocked out Chloe and dressed all in a black combat suit. But most importantly I knew what he was!
It hurt so much to look at him, those painful memories gushing into my head like someone put a rewind button on my head.
"Max?" I said in a small voice as I looked back up at him, Max, my big, brown eyes widening a bit more.
"Hello Iz, you missed me," a certain memory came to mind when he Iz.
We were small and we just met each other, I told him my name was Isabella. Max just looked me up and down and said "You don't look like an Isabella, more of an Iz." As soon as he said that I loved it, I hated being called Isabella, it was too formal. From that day on we became the best of friends, I did what he did and he did what I did. It was so hard when I had to leave him........
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