Mrs Heffrey's House

When asked to look after Mrs Heffrey's house, six-year-old Lola agreed, wouldn't you? Really, you wouldn't...


1. Why I Had To Go Round


In the old grey house at the end of our road lives Mrs Heffrey. She says that back in her day all the houses in this area used to look just like hers - big and grey, and like a castle. I’ve only been in Mrs Heffrey’s house once, when we knocked a ball into her garden (we live just next door). Her house was so cold and bare compared to our house, which was only built a few years ago. Mrs Heffrey made a huge petition to stop the council from demolishing the houses, but she was told to go back inside and make a cup of tea, which we all think is very funny.

We’ve lived in our house for the best part of my little brother Henry’s life. We moved in as soon as the new houses were finished, along with lots of other people from all over the area. Our house is yellow on the outside and blue on the inside, not like Mrs Heffrey’s which is grey all the way through. In her house there are cobwebs on the bannisters and rats in her kitchen. We once had a rat in our new kitchen, and Mummy screamed and said she was going to faint, so Daddy brushed it outside with the broom.

It was late one Sunday when Mrs Heffrey came knocking on our door; she was talking about something to do with housecleaning products. Then she mentioned me - she said ‘Would your daughter, now that she is old enough, like to come round and look after my house while I’m in Peru?’ I’m still not quite sure where Peru is, but Mummy said it’s further away than France, which is a very long way away. Someday I would like to visit Peru and see just how far away it is, as for me a long journey is to Nana’s house and back, which takes forever.

Four days later and Mrs Heffrey came round with the keys to her house. They were big, dusty and silver, and clearly very old, almost as old as her house! I then went round and unlocked and pushed open the big heavy door into the hallway. I was immediately greeted by Mrs Heffrey’s big, old bullmastiff being followed tentatively by her little pup. Mrs Heffrey had left me a list of things that I needed to do every couple of days after school. I haven’t been at school very long, only a year or so, but it feels like I’ve been going all my life since I was just born. Firstly I have to clean up her dogs and then water her plants. 

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