The Ocean


1. The Ocean

As the sun shone in the sky so high,

the water sparkled and I wonderd why,

the fish live in the sea so unlike you and I,

and how the possibility they could walk on earth, is such a lie,


The seabed out of my sight,

to see it I would put up a fight,

for it to be looked upon by the suns mighty light,

Will I never see it, so dark like the night,


A fish darts to the surface, so I can see it clear,

it looks so innocent like a darling deer,

its scales dazzaling in the sun, makes it seem it has no fear,

oh how I wish it would come just a little bit more near,


The wonders of the great,blue ocean,

are as mystic as a witchs potion,

the bubbling of frantic emotion,

and the mysetrys of the earths devotion!


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