Moon-lit Starz

"By the power of the 4 Starz, turn me to my form!"

People are ordinary. Not Carla Starz, not only with her blood red eyes and a destiny to fulfil - her new Starz-shifting power.

But when she meets Niall Moonz and Lara Skyz, she doesn't feel alone any more. With Brianne's help too, she thinks they'll be fine, even though she'll have to fight for her life.
1 girl, 1 lion, 1 cat, and 1 horse. What could go wrong?


2. Puzzled

 When Carla went home that night, she didn't tell her foster mum, Stephanie Hall, about her weird meeting that day.

 "I'll sleep on it," she told herself, "I'll wake up and won't remember a thing."

 But when she got up the next morning it was still playing on her mind. In the end, she went, telling herself he wouldn't be there.

 But, true to his word, he was.

 "You," he said, "are very special."

 "Could you have opened with something less mysterious please?" Carla asked, "and whats your name?"

 The boy looked flustered.

 "Oh, sorry. I'm Niall Moonz, nice to meet you Carla Starz ."

 "How do you know my name?" she asked, bewildered.

 "You have a destiny you can't escape. Only you can fulfil it. Only you have the power." he told her.

 "What is this 'destiny' you keep talking about?" Carla was curious. Niall looked at her, his eyes boring into hers.

 "I'll start at the begining," he said. "Once, long ago, a woman called Marie lived, right here in Wellington," he paused, "This was a time when magic existed, actually over 200 years ago, but scientists thought it a myth, so banished it from history."

 "What, just like that?" Carla snapped her fingers.

 "Just like that," Niall continued, "But Marie started a race. A new one. She and her son became them. They became Starz - people who could shape-shift to an animal of their choice. Marie was a tiger, and Edwin, her son, is a panther."

 "What do you mean 'is'?" she interupted.

 "I'm just getting to it!" Niall kept going, "But soon her son turned on her. With his power of the Starz , he gained more, until he could manipulate the dead to do his willing.

 He killed his mother, Marie, but before he did, she gave her power to her baby daughter; your mother. She became part of the moon, and two bright stars next to it - one brown, one black, representing your mum and Edwin. She made a destiny for your mum and her descendants; to destroy Edwin."

 "Her own son!" Carla exclaimed.

 "Yes. Your mother died trying."

 "But... She died on a hike up a mountain. She fell and..." She was puzzled.

 "Yes, um, well, Thats not the whole story. You and me were born in the same year. Actually, we're cousins. Edwin is my father, and Marie is your Grandmother. Fiona, your real mum, actually died whilst trying to fulfil the destiny. Edwin threw her off the Mountain of Un-Life. She died." Carla stared at him, shocked. "I'm so sorry Carla," Niall finished, "but now its your destiny."

 Carla recovered enough to speak again.

 "What's this 'stars-shifting' thing then?" she asked.

 "Starz-shifting. Meet me tonight, here, 12:00. Can you do that?" Niall asked her.

 "I'll try," replied Carla, "I'll certainly try."

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