Moon-lit Starz

"By the power of the 4 Starz, turn me to my form!"

People are ordinary. Not Carla Starz, not only with her blood red eyes and a destiny to fulfil - her new Starz-shifting power.

But when she meets Niall Moonz and Lara Skyz, she doesn't feel alone any more. With Brianne's help too, she thinks they'll be fine, even though she'll have to fight for her life.
1 girl, 1 lion, 1 cat, and 1 horse. What could go wrong?


1. Glinting

Carla was strolling through Wellington Park. She had light chocolate coloured hair tied back with a scarf the colour of a seaside sky. her skin was pale, with a red tinge to her lips. She was wearing an electric blue tank top, black miniskirt and leggings, adorned with her favourite blue and black Hi-tops. She was just your average 15 year old girl with a foster mum, a cat and no siblings, so she had nothing to contend with except peace.

 Only she didn't know one day she really would be fighting to keep it.

 Her eyes set her apart. They were blood red. She was nick-named Demon, and was told to go as one at Halloween when she really prefered to stay at home with Snuggles, her Main-Coon cat. Snuggles was a blackish-grey with stripes, a really fluffy tail, and strangley, blood red eyes. Carla had got her at a rescue centre in a terrible state, but soon cleaned her up to be the cutest cat ever.

 Carla spotted a red glint from the bushes. Due to her eyes, Carla had always seen red more clearly than any other colour. It was a world of black and white, with a burst of colour.

 She went to investigate. Nothing. Odd, she thought, I could've sworn I saw something.

 Then she saw another flick. She turned her head to see a boy on the bench peering at her curiously. With deep, red eyes.

 Carla shook her head. It can't be, it can't be! She looked again. Her mind was playing tricks with her. But his eyes were definitly red, red like a traffic light. She considered going to speak to him. Luckily, he got there first.

 "Hey!" he said bouncily.

 "Um... Hi! Er, I've never seen you before. Are you new round here?" Carla said all this in a bit of a rushed stumble becuase he was staring at her. Her eyes.

 "Your eyes, they're..."

"Red, yes I know, and so are yours-"

 "meet me tomorrow behind the Oakley at the same time. We need to talk." And with that, the bouncy-voiced boy sped off into the distance.

 What, thought Carla, was that?

 All she knew was it was real.

 Too real.

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