Love or Like?

Relationships are never what they seem, you may think there going great. But there's actually much more to it.


1. How it starts

Everyone has fancied someone at least once in their life, it's natural. The portion of life where it happens the most is most obviously your teen years. With the transition form Primary School to High School and the general competition of looks and popularity makes life 'tougher'.
First you like someone, then you love them when you become an 'item'.
Literally, every teen experiences this. Why is it that when you have been going out for a week you instantly believe your perfect for eachother? When in reality your worlds apart.
When your in a relationship especially as a teen, nothing else matters, the world stands still and it is just you and your loved one.
First relaitionships are the worst, it's such a rush, you feel important, better. Loved.
But that's never the case. It may come across as they are happier then ever, on top of the world, but that is never the case.
Relationships never are what they seem, you may think its love when they only like you.
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