Nothing would of happened if I hadn't gone to that party and gotten close to the new boy. But it's past now and nothing can change what's happened in the last few months of my life. My life's been turned upside down and I don't know if i can complete the task he has set me, I can't let him down.


2. Party

"Are you ready yet, Kip" My best friend, Alex, called up the stairs. "Yeah" I called as I made my way swiftly down to the hall. Alex was my best friend- but she was more of a sister to me, we had known each other all of our lives. We were inseprable. Alex muttered something under her breath as I reached the bottom- I could only make out "Wow" but I wasn't sure what she was on about. "See you, love" My mom called as I opened the door.

Alex's car was waiting there. I quickly climbed in the passenger side and Alex climbed into the driver's side. It was a quick journey to the party. When we arrived the car park was already over half full- it was going to be a busy night. Alex found herself a spot and we got out. It was a cold night. A defiant breeze whispered in my ears. A chill passed down my spine. I had my favourite dress on- it was peach. It was slightly longer at the back than it was was at the front. I wore it all the time, but I loved it all the same. I decided to quicken my pace to avoid the chill- but even when I walked into the lobby of a grand building, the chill seemed to follow me.

As I took in my surroundings, all I could see was marble. Arches and statues and loads of people. Boys and girls from my school- others I had never seen before. Music was playing really loud, I think it was a song by one direction-but I wasn't sure. Everyone was talking, standing in groups and interacting- except for one boy. Alex went off to her group of friends, but I didn't follow- I walked towards the stranger. My mind seemed to tell me that he was dangerous but I ignorded it. The boy was standing, looking at something in the distance, no at anyone or anything in particular- he was just looking. As I came closer to him he looked at me, it was like he was watching my every move with his hawk-like eyes. When I was right next to him we stood in silence.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and then closed it again. It was like he was trying to say something but he couldn't get it out. After a silent few minuets he spoke, "Hi- I'm Ayan." He spoke in a voice so quiet, it was almost a whisper. It reminded me of the coldness of the night air outside. I was in my own world for what seemed like hours, until I met his eyes- they were musky golden colour. They looked so out of place in his coffee cream coloured skin. He was different. Just like me. Everything was silent but my world seemed to be buzzing, it was like there was a connection between us- trying to pull us together. Suddenly, I realised how quiet it had been and I spoke in a Husky voice, "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Kip" Ayan spoke again."You have such a pretty name- to match you personality." "Uh, thanks" I replied.

There was silence again. I seemed to have blocked out the music now and it was like Ayan and I were in a room of our own. My thinking was suddenly broken by a voice. That quiet, mysterios one. "Wanna come outside? It'll be more private out there" Ayan said. He began to walk to the door and I followed him.

Soon, we were outside. We went through the car park and carried on into the woods. It was freezing, I realised again. Sticks and autumn leaves crunched and snapped beneath my feet. Where were we going? Where was he taking me?

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