Your Safe

Trust is what gets you killed. I can see it now, trusting the one person I always thought would understand me and be mine letting me go, like a lantern, floating into the sky with no hope of returning.


1. Hunt Night

A Year Ago

I stepped over the threshold that entered school. My back-pack filled to the rim with anything possible, I glanced around Westfield High stood silently in the night  

"You ready?" Clive's voice annoyed me. It rung around me, echoing in my ears and filling the darkness which should indeed remain silent. I didn't answer, to prove I was irritated with him. But I nodded, he grinned foolishly. His lips turned up, causing dimples in his soft freckled skin. Rosie and Juliet watched me

"Eyes on the prize." Rosie whispered, she thought I would get distracted. But I simply nodded and didn't retaliate. Blake and Joe appeared behind us, they were carrying bags similar back-packs to mine. 

"Got the keys?" Blake asked, I looked at him, an expression that only wore annoyance and jingled the bronze keys that were looped over my fingers. I could see, even through the darkness that they all looked surprised, my five best friends and honestly lost faith in me. Ava Robinson. Daughter of the Mayor, head cheerleader and committee team, voted Miss Westfield for beauty and elegance and well being to the town. Me. I watched them and waited for the signal, Rosie and Juliet were enveloped into the darkness then Clive and Joe. Finally it was just me and Blake. 

"Lets go." Blake whispered. I nodded and slipped my fingers through my hair and produced a old hair slide and pressed it against the look and pushed open the heavy door. It swung open. We entered the cold, empty foyer of our school. Something we never expected to see, hesitating for only a second. Nothing happened. I smiled slowly at Blake, after a few seconds he returned my smile. They had cracked the password for the alarm. I grinned to myself and sneaked through the large glass door and climbed over the desk, making sure not the move anything and grabbed a handful of keys, each labelled. I grinned and chucked some at Blake. We had broken in, but it had been easy. It wasn't like the school didn't expect a bunch of seniors breaking into the school, after all it was Hunt Night. 


Hunt Night has been a tradition since the school was first built, the seniors broke in and placed traps all around the school. Tonight was my night. I unloaded my bag, filled to the top with toilet paper, glue, plastic cups and many other things that could possibly cause a disruption. That was when I was issued my job to fill the gym with plastic cups, Blake grinned at me 

"Don't worry, I'll help." He said, I grinned at him slightly. I had always liked Blake more that any of my friends, he was so easy to be around, I think it might seriously like him. But I shook the thought off and hurried after him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and lead me towards the gym. 


We set up everything, it took about an hour in all. I sighed as we were just about to finish the last part

"Run out of cups. My turn to go and get some, coffee?" I asked, he grinned and nodded. I sighed and took off, trying not to kick any cups. I left and headed down the corridor, I didn't expect to see or hear anyone, so when I did, I steadied myself and took three deep breathes and decided it was most likely someone I know and more likely my friends. So I called out 

"Hello?" Nothing. I left it and turned a sharp corner. And in my pathway stood a dark merging figure that slotted into the gloomy darkness of the school. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. It was as though, I was under a trance. His leather shoes made a tapping on the floor, echoing in every inch, squeaking on the lockers. 

"I am new here," the voice said, manly and gruff, yet it sounded husky and soft at the same time "I need a little something to eat." I managed to open my mouth this time  "I could take you to the canteen?" I said, I don't know where the words came from. But they were stupid, chatty words. That should never apply to this conversation. He laughed, his laugh was soft and delicate, like a wind chime. 

"No, my dear. I'd prefer something more appetising." I watched him, he finally came into focus, but my eyes hurt. I wanted to sleep and being around him made me afraid. I stayed still, not daring myself to answer. 

"Who is here with you?" I wanted tosay nobody, so badly but I answered him, I told him the truth. 

"Blake." He smiled and nodded, approached me. Running his hand across my cheek and cupping my chin in his hard cold hands. I forgot to breathe, 

"Thank you, I want you to forget this. But when the time is right, we will meet again." He said and I collapsed on the cold hard floor of my school as screams filled the air around me. 

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