I want (1D)

Leah is a girl. She's 16 and daughter of Paul, better know as Paul Jensen.
She was forced to spend time with Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
She wasn't exactly a fan of them, but she didn't hate them.
Harry is in love with Leah, but Leah pushes Harry away, cause she don't want to fall in love with him.
But what happens when someone in the family dies.
Can she keep the distance between her or Harry, or do she fall in love with him.


5. Don't hurt her!


Paul's angle of view:
- Niall will you go with her. And Harry can i talk to you?
I said and looked at Niall. He nodded, and took his jacket and shoes and walked out of the door. I turned to face Harry.
- Harry, stop fooling around with my daughter!
I said, looking in his eyes. He looked scared. He looked at the floor. 
- I don't wan't to see my daughter, get hurt.
I said, looking at the door behind us. Which dad haven't said that to a boy. I was just scared off seeing Leah get hurt, or grow up, so she don't need me in her life anymore.
- I know, and I won't hurt her, i love her too much...
Harry said, as he looked up. I could see in his eyes that he meant it. Thoughts ran trough my head.
- If I see Leah's hurt, its over!
I said cooled and walked out of the door behind us. I have too let her go, and this was the easiest way, so i could be around her.


Harry’s angle of view:
I saw paul walked out of the door behind me. The words was spinning around in my head. Did he give permission to date her. I walked out of the room, and saw the other guys was sitting on the couch playing Fifa.
- Hey guys
I said as i walked over and sat on the couch, between Liam and Louis.
- Hey
Liam said as he handed me a controller. We didn't talk that much while we playing, we did only curse a little bit when we lost.
- What did Paul talked too you about
Louis asked, looking my direction. I looked at him.
- He told me that he didn't wan't to see Leah get hurt.
I said. Zayn paused the came. They all looked at me. I started looking at my hands.
- Do you really like Leah
Zayn asked.
- Yes i do. I feel so stupid around her.
I said, still looking and my hands. I heard the door open in the hall way. I quickly got up and walked in to my room.


Niall’s angle of view:
We separated. I walked back to the hotel. i walked up the thew steps and into the elevator. I walked down the hall and  opened the door.
- Hey
The guys screamed from the living room. I took my shoes and jacket off before I walked in to the guys.
Hey, what are you doing
I said, and sat down on the couch. They looked at me. I could see the was confused.
-Where is Leah? 
Zayn asked. Then i knew why they had looked so confused at me before.
- She had to do something, on her own
I answered. And looked at them.
- I told her to call Paul or one off us, so we could pick her up.
I said, and took a controller and joined the came. 


Pauls’s angle of view:
It had been two hours since Niall and Leah went out to eat, and I have only heard Niall come home. I walked out of my room and in too the living room.
- Hallo guys. Where is Leah?
I asked looking concerned. They looked at me and then at Niall, I guessed that, they wanted Niall to tell me it.
- She siad that she had to do something on her own.
Niall said. I looked at him, he looked, really calm.
- Did she say where where going
I said, looking at the boys. Niall got up, from the couch.
- No, she didn't. But I told her to call on off us, so we could pick her up.
I said, a little nervous. He walked out off the room. I looked at the boys. They turned the tv off and cleaned up after them. 
- Have she called one off you yet.
I asked, when i walked in the kitchen. They all took there phone out off there pocket and checked. I could see that she haven't.


It had been four hours and we still haven't heard from Leah. The thoughts ran around in my head, I was scared that something was wrong.


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