I want (1D)

Leah is a girl. She's 16 and daughter of Paul, better know as Paul Jensen.
She was forced to spend time with Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
She wasn't exactly a fan of them, but she didn't hate them.
Harry is in love with Leah, but Leah pushes Harry away, cause she don't want to fall in love with him.
But what happens when someone in the family dies.
Can she keep the distance between her or Harry, or do she fall in love with him.


4. Chapter 4

Harry’s angle of view:
We were sitting close together. We were looking in each other’s eyes, and I took the chance. I kissed her, I looked up to se her reaction, she looked a little bit surprised, I kissed her again and this time she kissed me back. I pulled away;
- I thought that you didn’t want to fall in love with a celebrity?
I said, and looked at her. I could see that she was confused.
- That’s right, I made that promises when I moved in with my dad
She said, and gave me a hug before she got up.


Leah’s angle of view:
I gave him a hug before, I got up. I walked into the living room, but Paul and the other boys weren’t anywhere to see. I looked in all the rooms, but they weren’t there. I walked out in the living room., and saw a note on the table.  I took the note up, and read it.
I yelled. I could see that he came running out of the room.
- What's wrong
He said and looked scared. I walked over to him and showed him the note. He just looked at me, he took my hand, and started dancing. I pulled away;
- Lets go get something to eat.
I said, as I walked in to my room to get my jacket and my purse. I walked over to the window, and as I was looking at the picture of my mom and me. It was the last picture we took before I moved. Some noise out side the room interrupted my thoughts. I walked out to see what it was, and I saw that the other boys and Paul were back. They looked at me;
- Were are you going
Paul said, as he looked at me. I walked over and gave him a hug.

- I’m going out to get something to eat and get some fresh air.
I said, and pulled away. I walked out of the door.


Pauls angle of view:
I looked at Leah as she walked out of the door.
- I go with you
I said and looked at her. She turned around.
- No dad, ill be fine
She said.
- Take one of the boys with you then.
I said, as a way, to make sure that she didn’t to something she will forget.
- Okay dad
She said and turned around. I looked at the boys.
- Niall will you go with her. And Harry can I talk to you.
I said and saw Niall ran out of the door, to catch up with Leah. I thought that maybe is time to let her, grow up, she isn’t that little girl, she was when she moved in with me four years ago, when her mom got sick. But the thought of letting her grow up scared me, but I have too.

Leah’s angle of view:
I walked out of the door. I could hear that Paul was asking one of the boys to go with me. I was waiting for the elevator, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around a saw that it was Niall.
- Leah, are you okay.
He said, as he looked at me. I turned around when the elevator doors opened. We waked in, and I turned around and looked at Niall;

- No I’m not
I said as I looked at him. He pulled me in for a hug, and I started crying. I pulled out of the hug looking at him. He dried the tears away;
- Leah, you can talk to me if you need to, and I know it’s not the same as talking to a girl.
He said, and pulled me in for a hug. The doors went open and we walked out. We walked out of the hotels door, and walked in to the first café. We paid and walked out of the café. I gave Niall a hug;
- Niall, I have to do something, on my own.
I whispered in his ear before I pulled away. He looked at me.
- Okay, call Paul or one of us, when you are on your way home.
He said. We waked in different directions. I walked down the street, and in to the park, that my mom and I walked in when she were visiting me. I lay down on the grass on looked at the sky’s, and felt asleep.

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