I want (1D)

Leah is a girl. She's 16 and daughter of Paul, better know as Paul Jensen.
She was forced to spend time with Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
She wasn't exactly a fan of them, but she didn't hate them.
Harry is in love with Leah, but Leah pushes Harry away, cause she don't want to fall in love with him.
But what happens when someone in the family dies.
Can she keep the distance between her or Harry, or do she fall in love with him.


3. Chapter 3


Leah’s angle of view:
I looked at the boys and then at my dad. He was just looking at me, didn’t say anything.
- Dad?
I said, and waited for an answer. They boys came over and sat down on my bed, I sigh. I got up, and on my way out of the door;
- Leah is your mom!
My dad said. I turned around, and looked at my dad and the boys. Actually can’t remember my mom, but I can remember that I cared about her, and loved her.
- What about her?
I said low and insecure. My dad looked at the boys then at me. I looked at the boys and it was clear that they knew what was going on.
- Dad, what about her. Tell me!
I said. I could see are he was trying, to tell me something. Harry got up, and walked over to me. I kept a distance between us.
- Leah, your mom is dead
I said serious and cold. I looked at the other boys and then my dad. I could see in his eyes that it was true.  I could fell the tears coming. A teardrop was making is way down my cheek. Harry wiped it away quickly. I pushed him away from me;
- I want to be alone please
I said cold. They all got up from my bed and left the room. I sat down on my bed. I but my hands up to my I head as I break out in tears.
- Why her, why?
I felt back on the bed, looking at the ceiling. I was thinking, the person that meant the most to me, is dead, even if I didn’t remember her that well, I should at stayed with her instead of moving.  I got up from the bed, and walked in to my bathroom. I looked at my self, my eyes were red, and my mascara was running down my cheek. I took my make-up remover, and removed all my make-up. I walked back in my room. I laid down on the bed, and before I knew it I was asleep.


Harry’s angle of view:
I sigh deep, but quiet. The boys looked at me;
- Something wrong Harry
Louis said. I shaked my head as a no, or there was, but I didn’t want to tell them that, I had feelings for her. It has been two hours since she got the news, and she was still in there. I walked over to her door. I knocked twice, before I opened the door, I could see that she was sleeping. I smiled, carefully. I walked over to her bed, and sat down, I stroke my fingers trough her head, and saw a little smile on her lips.


Leah’s angle of view:
I felt that someone were pulling there finger trough my hair, I woke up, and saw Harry. He was smiling at me, so I smiled back at him, and lay back down again. I wasn’t able to reject him right now, the only thing I need right now was friends and some help. I felt asleep again, but I could feel that Harry had lain beside me, he put his arm around me. It felt good, I felt safe.
We were laying in my bed sleeping.


Pauls angle of view:
I looked around in the room, and Harry was nowhere to see. I guessed that Leah was in here room. I looked at the boys;
- Where is Harry?
I said and looked at the boys as they paused the game;
- I think he is with Leah
Liam said quickly. Looked at Liam, and then turned around, and walked over to Leah’s room. I opened the door and walked in. I looked at the bed, and saw that they were sleeping together, I smiled and left the room. When I came out the boys, were waiting outside;
- So, was he there?
Louis said, as I closed the door behind me. I nodded,
- They are sleeping together, are you boys hungry
I said quiet and looked at the boys.
- I’m hungry
Niall said, and we all laughed.
- Lets go down, and get something to eat
I said and smiled. I wrote a note for Harry and Leah if they should wake up before we got back. We left the apartment together.


Leah’s angle of view:
I woke up. I looked to the side, and Harry was still asleep. I got up. I walked over to my closet and find some clean close to wear, and walked into the bathroom, and locked the door behind. I took of my cloth of and got under the water. I step out and took the dress on. I dried my hair, before I curled it. I took some mascara on, and went out of the bathroom.
- You look beautiful
I turned around an saw that Harry was awake, I walked over to the closet to close it.
- Why won’t you admit that you like me?
He said, and looked at me.
- I just don’t want to fall in love with a celebrity
I said, and sigh deeply. I sat down on the bed beside him. He nodded. He knew what I meant. He took my hand. I looked at him at then at our hands. He smiled, and I smiled back. Our heads got closer together. We were sitting close together. We were looking in to each other’s eyes, and he took the chance.

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