I want (1D)

Leah is a girl. She's 16 and daughter of Paul, better know as Paul Jensen.
She was forced to spend time with Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
She wasn't exactly a fan of them, but she didn't hate them.
Harry is in love with Leah, but Leah pushes Harry away, cause she don't want to fall in love with him.
But what happens when someone in the family dies.
Can she keep the distance between her or Harry, or do she fall in love with him.


2. Chapter 2

Leah’s angle of view:
Niall came trough the door, and sat down on my bed, I looked at him, but I looked on the ground.
- Niall
I said, he quickly looked at me and nodded.
- What do you want?
I said low, as I smiled, but it disappeared again, he looked away
- Leah
He said, I nodded, to tell him to continue.
- We are going down to see a movie, would you like to come
He said insecure, I looked at him. Should I go or should I stay.
- I’m coming
I said, and got up, he got up really quickly, and ran out of the door. I followed him, but with slow and short steps;
- Come on Leah
He yelled
- Jaja Niall
I yelled back, and walked a little bit faster. We came down to the little movie hall. The boys was mast up against each other, I sat as far away as possible. Harry looked at me, and put a thriller on. The boys moved over to me, as I should be scared of the movie. The movie started, an already in the beginning I was scared. I started shaking.


Harry’s angle of view:
I looked at Leah, she was shaking, and she has pulled her legs to herself. I were sitting close too here, and she laid herself in to me and I took my arm around her, as I could fell my smile get bigger, I stroke my fingers trough her long blond hair. it was beautiful, but I had to focus on the movie, but it was hard. I could fell that someone was looking at me, and I looked down at her. She looked surprised and she got up really quickly when she found out, that she almost laid against me.


Louis angle of view:
I turned around, when I felt that someone where moving. I looked at Leah and Harry.
- What happened?
I said. Liam, Niall and Zayn turned around too, we were all looking at Harry and Leah. They didn’t say anything, until I heard a deep sigh from Leah, before she got up and left the room. She went to here room I think. I looked at Harry, but he looked at the floor.


Leah angle of view:
I closed the door behind me, it wasn’t the greatest thing, and it was embarrassing that I was scared, but leaning against Harry, could it be true, I didn’t use to, and I didn’t use to be scared because of a thriller, it was like everything have changed since I started living with my dad. I lay down on my bed. I took my duvet over me, closed my eyes and before I knew it I felt a sleep. I woke up again when the door opened with a bang, and Paul, I mean my dad came in.
- Leah I have to talk to you!
He said seriously, I sat up on my bed, and he sat down right next to me.
- Something happened. Something bad.
He said. I could here is voice get lower for every single word
- What happened dad? Tell me!
I said low. The boys came in to the room and I could see that they knew about it.


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