I want (1D)

Leah is a girl. She's 16 and daughter of Paul, better know as Paul Jensen.
She was forced to spend time with Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
She wasn't exactly a fan of them, but she didn't hate them.
Harry is in love with Leah, but Leah pushes Harry away, cause she don't want to fall in love with him.
But what happens when someone in the family dies.
Can she keep the distance between her or Harry, or do she fall in love with him.


1. Chapter 1

Leah’s angle of view:
I woke up, with the sound of someone yelling out side my door.
I yelled and pulled my duvet over my Head. My dad Paul came in and dragged my duvet of me
- Leah, get up, we have a signing to go to
He said really loud.
- Okay, okay
I muttered mad. He left the room, and I got up really quick, and went over to my closet, what should I wear today? I took an oversize shirt and a pair of cowboy shorts out of my closet, and I got it on quickly. The door to my room went up again,
- What now
I muttered. Harry walked in.
- Good morning Leah 
He said, and smiled is charming smile at me; I rolled my eyes at him
- What do you want Harry
I said really mad, he went over to me, but I pushed him away
- Forget it, Harry
I said quickly, and waked out of the room. He followed me. Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn was sitting at the dinner table, eating breakfast, I sat down at the end of the table, I took a piece of bread, I eat it with nothing on it. Little boring but I didn’t want to ask about the chocolate.
- We have to go now
Paul yelled, I got up quick and took my plate out. I took my shoes on, I was out of the door in no time, and Paul already locked up the car, and sat on the front seat, Paul beside me. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn in the back. Paul started the car, right away, and started driving to the place were the signing had to take place. We stopped in front of a big shopping centre, they were already inside. Tjaa, since my dad. I mean Paul, started working for One Direction, he hasn’t got time for me, at all. The boys were sitting on the chairs, I were standing beside Paul, is the longest hour In my hole life. They were about to start the signing, so I went out to get some fresh air. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around quickly, and it was Harry. I have to confess that he look really nice, the green eyes, the curls, and his charming smile, it was every girls dream, but I wouldn’t fall, for him, he was annoying. He looked down on me, he was a bit taller than me, I looked at him
- What do you want Harry
I muttered.


Harry’s angle of view:  
I looked down at Leah, her blond hair was shinning, her eyes. Everything about here, was just perfect, I was quiet for some time.
- Tjaa… nothing really
I said and smiled, charming at her, I could fell a little push on my chest, she went in side again, I grabbed her arm
- Leah
I said quickly and dragged her back to me, she didn’t say anything, and she just looked. It was quit for a long time, I didn’t notice that I had loosened  my grip around here arm, she took her arm to her self and went inside, I followed her, we didn’t talk all the way in. I sat down on my place between Louis and Niall
- Are you ready?
I said quiet, they nodded. The line moved and we gave autographs. When there wasn’t anyone in line we left again, Leah was in front, and got in the car first. We  got in the car and, drove home again.


Leah’s angle of view:
I sighed soundless, it was the longest ride home. Just when Paul stopped in front of the hotel, I ran out of the car and up to my room, I closed the door behind me.  I tossed myself on the bed, a deep sigh came over my lips. I’m sure that many people would be me, when I have to be around One Direction every single day, the worse thing is that our dad don’t have time for you. I heard someone knocking on my door, the doorknob went up and the door opened.


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