Layla Sparrow

After a near to death inccident Layla sees some incredible stuff like when the two men who were randomly chasing after her suddenly, somehow, changed into drooling beasts. And what about the guy who appered from nowhere who started firing flames out of his palms? Or the girl who was able to throw a force field over themselves for protecton? All that in around five or ten minutes?
After the whole "being saved from two supernatural teens and then sprinting away from them" Layla learns some deep secrets, such as just being told that she's a supernatural teenager and that she needs to get safe, now that she is visable to monsters.
Layla is completely frazzled as she realises she's twisted in a great prophecy written thousands of years ago. Not to mention making an enemy on the first day of the camp for supernatural teenagers, and being tied-twisted in romance that she never even knew existed.


2. I become a runaway attampted killer with a plastic knife (CH2)

There's an awkward silence splitting through the warming air of sunrise. I just stare blankly at Coach who seems confused as if he said something wrong or hurtful. To be honest, I don't know where to start. I've been given too much information already even though I still don't get the real point of why I'm here. I flash back to the incident of last night in the ally way. It almost seems like a dream. The faces of the boy and the girl are only in a frosty blur now, but I can still feel the heat of the flames that were scorching out of the boy's hands. How did he do it? Did it hurt? Where is he now? Is he saving some other random stranger from tusked monsters? And what about the girl? Where is she? How did she make that force-field? Did it hurt for her? I she still with the boy?

I suddenly notice that mum is calling my name several times. I zoom into reality wondering why on earth she is calling my name. I flutter open my eyes suddenly confused of why they where closed. My head spins to the direction of where my mother is, except this isn't my mother and that's not my mother's voice.

"Layla! Layla... you're awake! Thank goodness! It's been 30 hours since you blacked out, hey, are you okay?" I'm lost for words and the blood has pumped out of my skin as I'm so petrified even though I don't even know why since she saved my life! The girl brushes her silky white hair behind her ear. Her hand reaches over to me to brush a strand of hair from my face. I smack her hand away and jerk forward and jump to a stand, then I realize I'm on a bed with only a light blue, thin nightgown on that might just blow away in a gentle breeze.

I grab the nearest thing and point it towards her with both hands. I look down to the object, only realizing that it's one of those cheap white plastic knives. Oh, well, I might as well get on with the act.

The girl huddles to the edge of her seat lifting both hands up in surrender.

"Where am I and who the hell are you?!" I shout in her face spluttering unwanted spit all over her eyes, which must make me seem so attractive, not to mention the almost see-through nightgown flashing before her eyes.

"I- uh- you- ah- um-", she splutters, completely shocked.

"Answer ME!" I yell, shifting the knife closer to her throat. It's not like I'm actually going to slice her throat, I mean, these knives can't even slice through a single chip without shattering into pieces.

I catch a glimpse in her eye as just for a fracture of a second she looks behind me. I turn around and see the whole ward starring at me with mouths gaped open. I smile back at them, and then turn to face my victim.

".. Help...", is all she manages to say in a single strangled whisper. I take this as my cue to run. I race through the ward while everyone's awestruck gaze follows me out through the door. The sunlight blinds me on the spot. Once the spots have sort of cleared, just enough for me to see where I'm going, I race through the square. Some people stop and stare, and even point, others are too busy to even notice me and storm away.

I take the nearest path there is and follow it. I end up leading towards a canoeing lake, which is blossomed with green, lush grass and picnic tables. I keep running past all the rowers and other students who were having a nice peaceful meal, until my muddy feet decided to trample all over their sandwiches. I hear their insults brush past as I keep on running.

After about ten or fifteen minutes I finally reach a lonely cave with a log in it. I sit down on the log and catch my breath. My heart feels like a rock now because of all that running. I put my head down beneath my knees and try to calm down. What was I thinking! Everyone probably thinks I'm a messed up killer on the lose. I raise my head up and stare down at what seems like a fairytale kingdom. This place has got everything and is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I listen to the splashes of waves, laughter, birds singing lullabies, chatter, the wind whistling, hushes of wildlife. It's just incredible!

A dribble water skims down my cheek and onto my lip. The salty taste bursts in my mouth making my throat go all hard and sour. Before I know it my eyes are streaming down like a waterfall. My hands continuously keep wiping the water away from my eyes, pointlessly trying to hide away any evidence of my emotions. Eventually I give up and fling my head to my knees sobbing to my pleasure.

"Want a tissue?" A male voice asks me. I can't be bothered to look up to see who it is so I just fling my arm out with my fingers stretched. Once I feel the soft tissue touch my skin I quickly hide it under my face to clear all the mess I've created. I lift my hand out for another one which I'm granted and blow my nose.

"Oh my gosh," I say with a bunged up voice.

"Yeah, I heard about the knife scene, sounds pretty dramatic," the voice is soothing and smooth, it's so warm it just makes you want to curl up and snuggle in beside whoever that person may be.

I groan at his words, has this news already spread around? Well, I guess I have been up here for a couple of hours, and I know this because the sun is already setting. I feel the warm arm sinking over my shoulder as I look out over the breathtaking view of the sea.

"My name is Logan Hollow," I look at the hand that is pointing towards me as a friendly handshake, I take the hand then let go.

"I'm Layla, Layla Sparrow," for the first time I look up at the mystery guy. The first thing I notice is his eyes, I don't quite know if they're blue or amber, they seem to shape shift a lot. I move down to his caring smile, so calm and sweet I can't help smiling too. I look up and notice his thick, light brown hair, which sits in shiny, tight curls, so perfect you just want to ruffle through them. His skin glows a copper brown from the sunset like a ball of fire.

"That's a pretty name, and welcome to Stonebank," this gives me horrible flash backs of the last time I heard that. This suddenly makes me feel sick and I look away to the ground.

"Oh, sorry. It must be strange coming here. I was only 7 when I first arrived, the place freaked me out,... but I guess I saw freakier things before that.." He trails off like he had triggered a bad memory that is too painful to watch. "Anyway, I'm glad to see you alive, I thought you wouldn't of made it to safety."

I look up at him, confused, "What do mean?" I ask.

"What? You've forgotten it already?" He laughs.

"Forgotten what?!" I ask more agitated.

"I saved your life! You know, from those two Thareveths that tried to eat you that night, and I torched them to death."

"Wait- What?! What are Thareveths?" I ask completely frazzled.

"Thareveths are a type of monster which can shape shift into any human form. They only thirst for fighter flesh and blood to feed on, and are extremely stinky." It's hard to stop my eyes from watering as he stares me into my eyes completely serious. I realize who he is now, and for some reason I can't believe it.

"You're that guy. The guy with the fire coming out of his hands." I start pointing at him like as if he is some sort of shiny object. He lifts his arms up in a shrug to say 'yes, here I am!'

"Yeah, I can control fire, it's pretty awesome at sometimes."

"Sometimes?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Well, sometimes it causes problems and accidents... for the worst."

I decide not to reply to that. I don't want to create any awkwardness. Instead I stare out into the landscape and watch the sun die down. The sky turns into a veil of purple silk, embroided with streaks of red and pink lines. "So, what do you exactly do here?"

"Well, we learn about how to defend ourselves, what the dangers are out there, survival tips, fighting skills, developing our talents, and, of course, basic education."

"Sounds fun".

Logan laughs at my remark. His laugh is so light and carefree it makes just want to laugh along for no reason what-so-ever.

"Why did you come after me, Logan?" This is a question I keep meaning to ask, and I want to know the proper truth. Why did he come after me? What's so special about a runaway supposedly attempted killer?

"I wanted to know if you were okay, I know how hard it is coming here for the first time, it's not easy. All this monster nonsense, and fighting to stay alive stuff, it really gets into you. Also, I wanted see if you were truly alive, and man, you can run fast! You're feet are literally barely touching the ground."

"I'm not that fast, am I?" I joke, smirking up at him.

"Yeah, you are."

We leave it at that and just stare for hours aimlessly out to the fading sky as shimmering stars appear. Today has been rough, scary even. And now everyone probably hates me or is judging me from the incident earlier on. How am I going to go back? How am I going to bare staying here? Logan seems to have read my mind as he helps lift me up onto my feet.

"Come on sleepy head", he says softly. He drags me down the hill, guiding me as I barely can even lift my eyes open.

Next thing I know it's morning and I'm in a bed with cotton blue sheets that smell like washing powder. I sit up straight waving my head around ferociously. Where am I? One second ago I was half being dragged down a hill by Logan in the middle of the night.

I seem to be in a wooden cabin filled with empty beds and crinkled sheets. There's not a soul in sight. This must be a singular room since there's only two doors. Each at the other end of the room. The one to my right is a grand double door made out of maple. That must be the entrance. It's engraved in fancy ivory designs with carved in tropical flowers. It's stained windows are tinted a Greeny bluey colour with wave patterns, and every time you move it seems to ripple like a calm sea. The door to my left isn't as fancy or enchanting looking. It's pretty simple looking, compared to the grand door. This door must lead to a bathroom. The wood is painted a deep blue colour with flicks of gold, making it look like you were staring at lagoon in a tropical jungle. And if the door is fancy I can't wait to try out the toilet.

I climb out of my soft bed getting a real look of what I'm wearing. I'm not in the skinny nightgown anymore, instead I'm placed in silk blue pajamas that wave over my ankles. I notice a pile of clothes piled up on a chest of drawers by my bed. They're very simple. A dark green Cotton T-shirt, black waterproof trackies that stop at my calves and a pair of combat boots. I'm not fussy on fashion, but if Gok Wan ever walked through the door he would be ordering me to take off these hideous clothes and put back on my pajamas.

I walk through the double doors and get blinded by sunlight once again. Once my eyes have focused and I've stopped stumbling I make my way down the little steps and onto a gravel path. I can't see anyone, the place is completely deserted and still. This is not the cheery, fun filled place full of people I ran through yesterday. I follow the path eager just to see at least one human being.

It must have been at least half and hour or so since I left the cabin, and I'm still running about in these ridiculous clothes. I start jogging up a small bridge which runs over the canoeing lake. The air is cooling down even though it's only about eight o' clock in the morning. Suddenly I bump into something hard and collapse to the gravely ground, banging my head on a stone.

I roll over groaning, automatically placing my hand at my wound. Funny, I never saw what I bumped into. I opened my eyes to see another girl rolling around in pain.

"Owwwwwwww..", the girl mumbled.

"Hey, are you okay?" I say in barely a whisper.

"Sorry?" The girl takes a detailed look at me, obviously recognising me as the maniac killer.

"I said, are you okay?", I said slowing my words like as if I was talking to a toddler.

"Yes, you?" I take a look at myself. There's only a few cuts and bruises on the palms of my hands and chins. I feel my fore head and notice it's wet and warm.

"I think I'm wounded." I take away my hand to reveal whatever was on my forehead. The girl gasps and rushes over to me. She opens her brown satchel and takes out a bandage. I didn't think the cut would be that big, but however big it is she's very fussed over it. She wraps the bandage over my head and helps me up.

"I'm Minty, you must be Layla." She holds out her hand for greeting. I just stare at it funny, and eventually shake it.

"Minty. That's an unusual pretty name." The girl is small, very small, or at least small for her age. She seems 13 or 14 by looking into her amber eyes. Her hair is like a wild bush caught on fire, with it's brown zig-zags and golden highlights springing all over the place. You can tell that she's active a lot as she has a small skinny tan figure, you think she might just randomly jump up and down for no reason at all.

"Yeah, well my last name is Green." I laugh at the combination, and I thought my name was weird.

"So how come everyone knows my name here?" I ask completely confused, I've only been here for about 48 hours and already everyone seems to know my name?

"Well, you were the one who tried to kill Cyd. That's what they say anyway." She looks down to the ground in awkwardness.

"So that's what her name is? She probably hates me now."

"Yeah.. she hates your guts." I can't believe I've already made an enemy at this place.

"Where is everybody? The place was packed yesterday."

"It's breakfast time, everyone is in the hall. I was just heading up there now."

"You have a food court here?!"

"Yeah, it's also there for important meetings and stuff."

I stare down at my rumbling stomach. I could really use some food. I can't remember the last time I have ate. "Could you show me the hall?"

"Yeah sure! Follow me!"

The food hall is absolutely massive and buzzing with people of all sorts. Rows of tables are spread out and filled with teenagers screaming at each other for attention. Minty leads me to a hatch where a 30 year old dinner lady stands.

"Hello, please may I take your order?" The dinner lady asks in a sugary sweet voice.

"Can I have two slices of toast, brown bread. Spread with Nutella. A glass of pure orange juice and an apple, please?" Minty says politely.

Magically the food just appears there in a wooden tray and ready to go.

"Wha-?! What the? How?!" I say dumbstruck.

Minty laughs at my single celled mind, "This is a magic food hatch. You can order anything you want for free."



I walk over to the hatch, tapping my fingers on the wooden table.

"New here?" The woman smiles sweetly. I nod my head in answer smiling back.

"What's your name?" She asks.

"Layla Sparrow" The whole hall stops. Only silence splits the air. I feel the eyes upon me as a turn around to face hundreds of faces staring wonder-struck. Shakily I spin back to the dinner lady who is also staring amused.

Eventually she breaks through her gaze, "Um- Can I take your order, please?"

"Em, yeah.. I'll have a..." I think thoughtfully on this. I can have anything. Anything I want to eat, "Pancake stack with maple syrup. Glass of apple juice and a handful of green grapes... please?" The food appears on the hatch and yet again I'm still amazed. I take the tray and walk towards Minty. Everyone still seems to be staring at me. This is just getting scary and awkward. I follow Minty to an empty circular wooden table and sit on the plump cushioned chairs facing away from everyone.

Eventually sound seems to gather in the room. Starting off from silent whispers to raging roars again.

"Why were they staring at me?" I finally ask.

"They wanted to get a look at you. No one has ever threatened anyone before."

I leave it at that and we eat in silence. Once the hall is empty we leave. I didn't want to cause the hall to shut up again. Once out side a little girl, about the age of ten runs up to us panting.

"Co- Coach says... to... meet him... at the... the big blue house." I suddenly remember the first building I entered here and Coach.

"This can't be good", Minty says in concern.

"Why?" I ask.

"He only asks for meetings when something bad has happened or something bad is about to happen."

I bite my lip. I know what this is about and I think Minty knows too. I follow Minty to the Big Blue house trying to remember all of my surroundings so I can remember where everything is. I knock on the giant door. It creaks open and Coach's face appears.

"I've been expecting you Miss. Sparrow."

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