Layla Sparrow

After a near to death inccident Layla sees some incredible stuff like when the two men who were randomly chasing after her suddenly, somehow, changed into drooling beasts. And what about the guy who appered from nowhere who started firing flames out of his palms? Or the girl who was able to throw a force field over themselves for protecton? All that in around five or ten minutes?
After the whole "being saved from two supernatural teens and then sprinting away from them" Layla learns some deep secrets, such as just being told that she's a supernatural teenager and that she needs to get safe, now that she is visable to monsters.
Layla is completely frazzled as she realises she's twisted in a great prophecy written thousands of years ago. Not to mention making an enemy on the first day of the camp for supernatural teenagers, and being tied-twisted in romance that she never even knew existed.


1. The day I discovered that I'm a freak (CH1)

I run quickly through the slushy rain pattering against the brick pavement of the ally way. Grey clouds hover making a blanket of dullness. I pull my violet beanie hat harder over my head and flick the collar of my coat up beside my freezing ears. My eyes dart behind me to see two bulky men following after my footsteps. I can hear them grumble as I quicken. I can't see their faces clearly as their figures look like silhouettes. The cold brushes past me and smoke stinks the air. Soon enough I'm sprinting and so are the two enormous men. What do they possibly want from me? I'm just an average 14 year old girl! There's nothing special at all from me. I'm not rich, pretty, popular, or anything. Just an anonymous girl who attends High School everyday. See, absolutely normal!

My converse splash through the muddy puddles which sting like ice. I slip straight onto my back and my head thuds to the ground. A sharp pain rises in my back that is excruciating. I hear the men's laughter as they catch up. I just stay still in the darkness silently crying whilst waiting for my fate to come. Maybe they'll mistake me for someone else and apologize or just leave me here to die in the pouring rain?

I manage to open my eyes and see what I thought was impossible. The two men shape shift into these monstrous figures. Hair spurts all over their bodies, their heads are now six times bigger and their bodies four times bigger (and fatter). Gruesome tusks grow from their bottom jaws, and their eyes turn a ghoulish yellow which looks like puss.

I can't believe what I'm seeing! I struggle to get up and run but I only end up paddling in the puddle like a goldfish on land. "Come on, Come on!" Whisper to myself trying to motivate my body to do what I want to do, which to get out of here as fast as I can. My heart seems to be going a million mile per hour and is about to burst out of my chest. I can't get up. I think about screaming for help, but my throat is raw and dry, so all that comes out is a rusted strangling noise which sounds strangely familiar of a dieing cat.

Suddenly out of nowhere, and I mean nowhere. A figure just appears in front of me facing towards the vicious monsters. My eyes are half blind from all the salty tears streaming down my frozen face, so I don't know if I'm just imagining what I'm seeing or if this is all truly clear. The boy lifts his hand towards the two monsters, fire booms out of his palm lashing on the monster's faces, scarring them for life. He raises his other arm to let out more fire. The heat is so tense I feel like my skin is also melting off. Another figure appears kneeling beside me, a girl, probably 15 or 14. She lifts up her left hand behind her to deflect the heat of the flames and the pitch black suffocating smoke. A force-field.

I look up into my saviour's stressed face. Her snowy white slinky hair dangles on my face, tickling my nose. She's Hispanic and beautiful, her features are just so perfect I can't help but keep staring. I tear myself away from her and focus on the action between the boy and the two monsters. It looks like a complete enormous fire ball scorching against the thin brick walls. I jump viciously as I see the two monsters turn into glittery golden dust. What on Earth is going on?!

The body swings his arms to his side extinguishing the colourful flames. The girl looks down at me, holding me in her arms.

"Are you okay?" The girl says in an Australian accent, her eyebrows sowing together in worry.

My body responds 2 minutes late as it quickly jumps up and runs away. I hear the boy and the girl call after me. I sprint down the city street as fast as I can, dodging past puddles as I've sacrificed my converse long enough. I hear them chase after me, but I'm too fast.

Ten minutes later I reach the door to my house. I fiddle with the key and the lock whilst continuously looking back for the pair of them. The coast is clear. I finally open the door and run up to our apartment.


I'm in. Mum turns round and sees my flustered face. I mustn't of hidden my emotions well as she orders me into my room for a chat.

My door squeaks shut as she closes it. I fling myself onto my pink bed and dig into my giant fluffed up cushions. Should I tell her the truth? How will I tell her? Will she believe me? Will she put me into a mad house?

"Layla.. what's wrong? What happened, baby?" Mum says in a soothing voice, stroking the my hair from my face.

"Would you believe me?" I whisper in a croaky voice.

"I would believe anything for you."

"Monsters", that's all I can say in one word. Mum just looks down, but relieved.

"Erm- Layla, there's something that I need to tell you and... I- I think this is the right time to tell you this."

"Mum?" Is there something she's been hiding from me? My mind is completely confused now, everything's been too much lately.

"You're not normal, you're special, you're a fighter."

"A fighter", what on Earth does she mean by this?

"You are a born fighter, or a 'hero' as you may call it. But before I tell you anything more, please, tell me what happened earlier on, it would help me explain so much more."

I tell Mum about the whole scenario. She doesn't but in or ask questions, only nods her head in approval.

"I think it's fair to say that they found you, the monsters. And the two other people, they are born fighters too, they have the gift of supernatural, and so do you." Mum stares at me in the eyes, she's being serious.

"Woah- woah, woah! Back up a minute! What do you mean by the monsters have found me, and also I have no supernatural gifts."

"The monsters are trained to track you down and kill you, once you past a certain age, the age is different for all fighters, you become more visible to them. And.. about your supernatural gift, sweetie, you may not of discovered it yet."

"Well, how do you know that I'm a fighter then?" I say a bit too aggressively than I should have.

"... Well, when you were born, you came with a letter. The... the letter said everything. It told me about you going to school at Stonebank, the dangers you'll face in life, what you'll be capable of, the fact that you and other fighters will lead to human evolution and be the face of the future." Mum sighs, this must be so much for her as she's getting emotional now, I don't know if it's pride or sadness.

"Prove it,... please."

Mum leaves the room in silence, shutting the door behind her. I stare out of my window, my heart just can't cope right now, my mind is racing full of questions that need to be answered. Tears swell up in my eyes and trickle down my check. I just can't believe what's happening.

The door opens and Mum enters with a neat sheet of paper that looks slightly faded from the sunlight. She hands it over to me. The piece of paper says exactly what she said.

"Why didn't tell me before?" I say, feeling horrified and disgusted now that she's kept something so huge away from me all this time. I don't think I could ever trust her again.

"I was told to wait for the right time... I'm sorry." She pulls me in for a hug that seems to last forever, but forever isn't long enough.

"Sweetie", mum says gently, just barely a whisper, "I have to bring you to Stonebank... now. You're in even more danger than you ever were, and as time ticks by you'll become more and more visible to the monsters. There's no time to pack, but you'll be given clothes at school."

"But, there's so much more to ask!" I say agitated.

"I'll explain on the way. Now hurry, we don't have much time!"

The car ride to this so-called place called 'Stonebank' seems to be taking all eternity. I've had several naps already and I can already see sunlight over the horizon. We seem to be cruising around a beach, the orange glow making the waves look like fire, which gives horrible flash backs.

We screech to a stop in the middle of a road where there's a port and a small boat. The sudden stop makes me jerk forward in my seat, giving me a lesson to wear a seat belt for now on.

"Why are we here? I see no fancy school, but an old man chewing seaweed with a stinky old goat." I say in disgust and confusion.

"You have to get a boat ride there,... it's an island."

"An island? Awesome!"

Mum laughs, I'm glad that she thinks I'm taking this all coolly, when actually I'm absolutely petrified inside.

We step outside into the cool, fresh sea air. A slight breeze tickles past me as I shuffle my coat into a more cozier position and head towards the stinky old man who probably smells like dead fish.

"Can you take us to Stonebank, please", Mum says softly.

The stinky man, yes that's his forever nickname now, just grumbles and shifts onto the boat expecting us to follow him. We jump on feeling wobbly, and instantly try and find a seat to sit on. Anything will do.

The boat starts moving. Really fast. Too fast. Hold on- How on Earth is it going up to this speed?!! The boat zooms over the bumpy waves making everything a blur. I clutch onto Mum's hand for support and balance. In about five seconds we already reach land, which feels weird since back at the port there was nothing for miles. I climb off the boat to regain my balance and stomach. When I ease off I look into the island. All I can say is it looks like tropical paradise. The island seems huge and large as I can see mountains and cliffs ahead.

I turn back to face Stinky Man, but him, the goat and the boat have all vanished out of sight. Instead I face Mum. "Who was he?"

"He is the gate keeper as you my like to call him. He only lets fighters and occasionally humans into the island, and also guards off monsters"

"What, with his awful fishy smell and the goat?" I say sarcastically.

"You may want to make jokes about him, but remember he is the main reason of keeping you safe and alive."

I grunt and follow the pebble path that leads further into all the tropical plants. Little fire torches are lit across the way making a low glimmer, the orange sunrise towers over the mountains making the whole scene enchanting. Eventually after about 10 to 15 minutes we reach a huge square surrounded by buildings in all sorts of colours. A enormous squirting fountain sits in the middle making everything look dramatic and peaceful. "Where do we go?" I ask in a hushed voice, worried I might wake some unexpected visitors.

"To that giant light blue building over there." The building Mum points to is unmistakably the biggest building out of all with it's four stories. And what shocks me the most is that the sun rises exactly over it's spiral. We move up closer to where the door is. A giant sign hangs over it saying "The Big Blue House", I don't know why it says that, and who would can it that, everyone here must be nuts and mad. Maybe that's what I am. Mad. This is probably an island for mad people to go to.

We knock on the door. I hear someone run down the stairs cursing of who would be up at this hour, and that this is got to be a prank by someone named "Harry". The grumbling is on the other side of the door now and I hear keys unlocking. I big bulky man stand before me with a big bushy beard. His arms are ripped with muscles and his dark brown hair dangles to his shoulders. He looks surprised and embarrassed, probably because he's just standing there in a bathroom robe.

"Oh- Good morning! Is this a new comer?" I asks in a ruff croaky voice that's half asleep.

"Em, yes. This is Layla Sparrow. May we come in, Sir?" Mum says very politely.

"Ah, yes, yes. Um- please take a seat Ms. and Miss. Sparrow, over in there", he points to a cozy looking living room. The guy seems like he's seen a ghost, or something has troubled him. He's looking at me funny like as if he's observing and studying every move I make. I sit down on a plush green velvet sofa and glare up at him.

"Do you want tea at all, yes- no- maybe-?" The guy stutters while scratching his head nervously avoiding eye contact. Seriously, what's wrong with this guy?

"No, thank you," Mum says even more extremely politely.

"Are you sure? I can make a pot."

"No, please". I can see Mum finds this guy weird too.

"So...", he plops himself onto the opposite couch with is made of red leather, expanding his arms across the sides, "Well, my name Coach, very please to meet you both. Have you told her about what we do here." He asks directly to Mum.

"Yes, but only the stuff that I know." Mum answers back while reaching towards my frozen hands for support.

"Well, Layla, I'm glad you made it here alive," Hold on- Did he just say alive? This makes my heart jump up and skip a beat. "You're probably in all sorts of bother and buzzing in confusion. But, don't fret! You're in safe hands now and won't be eaten to death, unless... you're in battle or something. But, that's beside the point! Oh, and I forgot to tell you! Welcome to Stonebank!"

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