Snow White And The Huntsman

A book of the movie. How can you find yourself in maze of wonders? How do you know who you are when you dont even know where you are?
Is it possible to fall in love with two people at the same time? Snow will have to find out the answers to all these questions on her own as she is banished from the kingdom by her own stepmother


2. A new queen

The words hit her like a cold harsh slap in the face. It was as if the earth stopped spinning and time stood still. She couldn't take it in, the reality that her mother was dead. She never even got to say goodbye. A single tear rolled down snows cheek and then hundreds more followed. She felt as if she were choking and couldnt breathe. There was absolutley no other way to describe how she felt except heartbroken, It felt as if someone had literally wrenched out her heart, sliced it into two halves and shoved it back in again. 

Of course it took a while for the sickening truth to sink in thoroughly and after a few days the gash that her mother dying had left in snows heart began to heal itself once more. Snow became more able to eat again and talk. Day by day things were slowly stitching themselves back together again. That was, until that letter came. That letter that once again tore apart the gashes that were healing. That letter, that said a dark army was coming. A war was stirring. The king, blinded by his own grief decided to go to warwith this dark army. How wrong was he. The kings men thundered down to the battle field on their noble horses to arrive at a dim scene. The tree branches snagged and snatched and the kings men, they twigs hung low and stabbed the horses like needles. Thunder loomed in the sky above and the rain slammed down to the ground. The kings army swung round a corner to see a colossal army stood stone still and silently. The dark army were dressed in harsh pitch black armour and their horses matched the surrounding darkness of the scenery. They stood frim and didnt even blink. You would have thought they were statues. But then, the king boomed a battle cry that was the signal to charge forward. The kings men lunged at the dark army and slashed at them with their swords, but, to their amazement, everytime one of the dark army was battered or cut by the swords of the kings men, they shattered in to tiny black pieces like glass. After the kings men realised this, they began to take down the dark army one by one, swinging at them with their lethal weapons and watching them shatter to the ground until every last one on them was defeated. 

The king kicked at some of the black glass that lay scattered in heaps across the battlefield in a sense of satisfactory. He was startled when one of his knights pointed out a small carriage like trailer hidden behind mountains of glass. It was tipped over onto one side and it looked rusted and worthless. The king decided to go over to it to investigate to see if it incased anything of value inside. The baron 
Broke open the door of the carriage and it swung open. The king could not believe what he saw inside. A young woman lay hunched up on the floor, she was chained to the wall by her ankles so she couldnt stand or escape. The woman coward away from the king and his army into a corner. She was covered in dirt and mud but through the layer of grime you could see her flawless porcelin skin, her sparkling blue eyes and her flowing blond hair.
"what is your name fair lady?" the king asked the woman
"Ravenna" she replied innocently. She was so breathtakingly beautiful that it was at that moment, for the first time in ages, the king forgot his grief and sorrow. He was mesmerised by her beauty and whisked her back to the castle at once to take her as his wife, a new queen.
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