Snow White And The Huntsman

A book of the movie. How can you find yourself in maze of wonders? How do you know who you are when you dont even know where you are?
Is it possible to fall in love with two people at the same time? Snow will have to find out the answers to all these questions on her own as she is banished from the kingdom by her own stepmother


1. Three drops of blood

In a land much like our own, there lived a queen, Araceli. A queen so beautiful with her immaculate fair skin, luscious flowing golden hair, mesmerising inky blue eyes and her perfectly carved features that she  could ask anyone for anything and they would do it for her. She was just as breathtaking on the outside than as the inside. Araceli riegned over a happy land, where people sung tunes as they worked, knew each others names and helped eveveryone. She and her husband the king, who was equally kind and genourous, lived in bliss together in their pristine castle, situated on a thriving island where the glistening waves rolled up the castle walls.  

It was a cold but stunning winter, the snowflakes fell thick and fast over the land. The snow covered the palace grounds like blankets and dusted the tree tops like icing sugar. Perfectly formed icicles hung from the palace like huge sparkling diamonds. It was a truly wonderful view. The queen glided over the sea of snow, her white shoes almost blended in with the snow. She wore a white cloak with a fluffy fur rim around the hood. Surrounding her was white, white and nothing but white snow. It was breathtaking. But there, next to a small twiggy bush that used to bloom with deep pink flowers and mouth watering fruits, she saw it. A single rose, its blood red petals were folded neatly and its deep green leaves encased the bottom of the rose. The queen was taken a-back by its beauty. There in the middle of winter, where everything went to sleep, there blossomed a single rose, so beautiful that the queen just couldnt resist. She reached out for the rose, but as she did so, she pricked her finger on one of its pointed thornes. Three droplets of her fresh, pire blood, dripped to the snowy white blanket.

A few days later the queen fell gravely ill. She lay frail and small in her bed surrounded by the finest docters in the land and her husband. Gestures and hushed whispers were exchanged between the docters. Their expressions were grim and lifeless. One of the docters quietly told the queen that she had just a another year or so to live. The rose to which three drops of her blood fell to, had been poisened and placed there as a sort of trap. The sister nurse comfortingly patted Aracelis shoulder and smiled at her with her kind eyes. It was there and then that the queen decided she would have a daughter to carry on her reign after she died. 

9 months later a beautiful baby girl was born to the the king a queen. She was the spitting image of her mother, bright eyes and a smiling face. As it was winter at the time and the snow was falling hard to the ground like a blizzard, the queen decided to name her daughter snow. Snow white. She had a kind heart and was pleasant to everything and everyone, bringing smiles to even the unhappiest of people. It was before long that snow had reached the age of 12 and one snowy afternoon she was playing in the courtyards with her best friend william. They were sitting in the old apple tree that was sprinkled with snow. One deep red apple hung from the one of the trees twisted branches. William reached out for it and held it towards snow.
"here you are snow. Its the last one." he offered,
"thankyou will" she was about to take the apple when william suddenly took his hand back and jumped down from the tree with the apple.
"hey william! Come back!" snow called after him, but he was already running away giggling. Snow was left alone. Moments later a solemn hunched figure appeared behind snow. A hoarse voice came from the figure,
"Snow..." he broke off. Snow turned around to see her father leant against one of the castles door frames. He looked haggard and  rough like he hadnt shaved and had been drinking. He gestured for snow to follow him, so she obeyed. He lead her through the castle to aracelis favourite room. It was a peaceful room decorated with stunning engraved drawings of flowers and birds all around the walls and through the single window, you could see out for miles over a breath taking view. 
"snow..." her father began again. She listened intently. 
"theres... Been some bad news"
"araceli- your mother.. Is..." he paused for a moment and pursed his lips as if the words coming out of his mouth were poisin.
"your mother is dead"

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