Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In a small village away from society 3 families live secret lives as shape-shifters. It is only as a child decides to run away from home that the families must use their powers that they wished they never had, in order to find the missing child and stop themsleves from being exposed. This story is about loving yourself for who and what you are, and about accepting others as well.


4. To Go

Nobody talked much that night, what with the wind howling angrily in everyone's ears. Well, that was just an excuse really. Jamie was still upset with Ella and Barnaby, and Ella was unusually quiet as she wondered whether or not she should tell anyone about Jamie's little upcoming trip. Harpreet and Jeane were no longer speaking and Megan had locked herself in her room, asking for peace and quiet. Heath sat perched with Kimberley, practising his alphabet proudly. Heath hadn't ever been to school so he, Megan, Ella and Jamie were home-schooled by Kimberley, who had been home-schooled herself by her own father, Michael Smaithe, who lived in the city with Kimberley and Megan's mother Rosie. Kimberley and Megan had been taken on by their Godfather Barnaby after their father had been classified as an alcoholic and it wasn't safe for them to live with him anymore. Rosie wasn't bothered much; she had never wanted children and was secretly happy to be rid of them both. Niether side kept in contact with the other.

Barnaby tried to make peace with everyone as he served up fresh chicken and potato soup, but the silence was kept and the tension around the long, wooden table was strained. But then it had been for some time now, and it would probably never be as it used to be ever again, with loud, excited chatter bubbling constantly like a stream, and bouts of laughter as loud as a clap of thunder.

Ella chose to break the silence without making eye contact with anyone. "Which chicken?"

Barnaby sighed. "It was Roselyn. She put up a struggle."

Ella eyed her steaming bowl sadly and pushed it across the table towards Jamie, who was sulkily slurping his meal. Glaring at Ella, he pushed the bowl back with such force that the bowl slid right off the table, its contents sloshing over the rim on its way down.

Nobody said anything as the white bowl shattered noisily onto the floor, breaking into millions of pieces. Bessie, Ella's large, walnut-brown Labrador leapt out from under the table in a frenzy of excitement, her tongue lolling out and tail wagging madly as she skidded to a halt infront of the steaming, lumpy mess and began to lick at the pieces away from the glass.

Jamie stood up. "I'm going." Stalking to the door, Jamie signaled discreetly to Ella to follow him, and she obeyed, tugging on Bessie's matted fur to come with her as she tucked her chair under and smiled around the table at everyone's concerned faces. Everybody just thought that the young pair had had a fight, and were going to patch things up, but Ella knew that Jamie's sudden words, 'I'm going,' weren't just referring to leaving the table, they were referring to leaving the family. Forever.

Smiling to himself as he climbed the stairs to his room, Jamie thought that he had talked Ella round, and that she was going to come with him, where they could start a new life together.

But Ella had other ideas. This was her last change to talk Jamie out of leaving, even though she knewit probably wouldn't work.

Jamie was going to leave anyway. 

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