Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In a small village away from society 3 families live secret lives as shape-shifters. It is only as a child decides to run away from home that the families must use their powers that they wished they never had, in order to find the missing child and stop themsleves from being exposed. This story is about loving yourself for who and what you are, and about accepting others as well.


2. To Confront

Ella Jarmeson sat wearily by the window as she surveyed the rocky mountain edge. The first drops of acidic rain were starting to fall as fast as if there were bullets being shot from the murky heavens. Probably, bullets are sent sometimes, she thought as she snuck a glance at herself in the long mirror across from her and shuddered. If there are such things as shape-shifters, who knows what else is out there... Ella thought that word shape-shifter with anger; she didn't deserve to be saddled with such a big responsibility. And that's all it is, Ella thought for the fifth time that day. It is not a gift.

"Why do you judge yourself so much?" An innocent but still familiarly cheeky voice echoed throughout the small, draughty room. In the wooden doorway stood a tall, thin, scrawny, young male, with a huge grin plastered across his pale face.

And yet despite his scrawny posture and white as snow skin, Ella Jarmeson found Jamie Dage the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. But then of course, Ella had not seen many beautiful things in her lifetime, apart from the way her mother's face lit up when the sun moved out of the trees and shone right down onto the huge wooden house, or when the first buds of cherry blossom opened out, stretching their petals in the warmth on the sun.

No, Jamie Dage was mysterious, exotic and interesting. His bright, piercing, blue eyes always viewed everything with such amusement, as if life was just one huge joke. As if living out here was just one big joke; he just couldn't understand why the families had to hide away. So okay, life out here wasn't the best, but everyone got by; nobody knew any different. Only Harpreet had lived with a human in the near city, but she was looked upon as an outsider, a freak. Harpreet had at first been taken into a mental institute because nobody believed that she was telling the truth about her supernatural abilities. When her husband had finally withdrawn all of her money from her bank account, he ordered Harpreet to be held hostage at the institute until he had spent all of her cash.

Harpreet wouldn't tell anyone how she got out of the loony- bin; only Ella's father Barnaby knew as to why, and the both of them shared the same grizzly but clouded expression every time they thought about it. Jamie used to get so angry at his mom who would not tell him so that she could protect him, but he had now realized that some things are best not heard. Ella didn't question her father on the story; she knew that she had no right to.


Ella sighed as she stretched her tanned, freckled arms out to invite Jamie into the room. Immediately he did so, cupping his warm hands and slender fingers around her tiny waist. Jamie smiled lovingly down at Ella's heart- shaped face. He too thought that he had never seen anything as perfect as Ella. The two adored eachother, but Barnaby had frowned upon the time Ella had shared a first kiss with Jamie, and had now completely disallowed any physical contact between the pair.

Ella was keen to follow her dad's wishes as she idolized him for giving her and her family such a safe, simple life, but Jamie was growing more and more rebellious by the day and refused to stop being with the one he loved.

Here Ella had to make a choice: Go against her father or her true love? It was impossible to resist Jamie's romantic ways, so she went with it, but not before spinning her dad some story about picking berries in the woods so that she could sneak off to be with Jamie.

"I have something important to tell you," Jamie crooned as stroked Ella's sandy, shiny hair that tickled the end of her chin. "You're going to bloody love my idea."

"What's going on?"

Sighing, Jamie fell back onto the scratchy, wooden panels of the room as he tipped his head back, catching a few drops of rain on his furrowed brow as he lay under the window.

"I'm leaving." Jamie stared straight up as the words left his mouth. He knew as soon as he'd said it that he would regret it. And he did. Ella would freak out he was certain, and she did too.

"What?!" Ella screeched, throwing her back from it's cosy space in the crook of Jamie's shoulder. "What do you mean,'leaving'?" Ella was furious. Her heart hammered furiously against her ribs as she trembled. She had expected this.

"I can't stay here Elle. You know I'm going out of my mind being cooped up here." Jamie stayed incredibly calm as Ella landed a fist packed full of fury at the panels beside his head.

"What is your problem all the time Jay? Why can't you just be happy with what you've got?" Ella's voice grew quiet as she realized the seriousness of the siuation. "Why can't you be happy with me?"

At this, Jamie's head snapped up. His eyes grew cold as he pulled himself up into a sitting position. He felt as if he were on fire. The one person who he could talk to, the one person he thought understood him, was going against his wishes and refused to support them.

"How dare you say that! You know I love you with all of my heart!"

Ella teared up, blinking furiously. "Well then why are you leaving me behind?"

Both were quiet for a long minute. Slowly, Jamie stood up, shaking his head. He ignored the sobbing female at his feet and stalked to the door, where he suddenly paused.

"If you love me,"Jamie's voice was bearly a whisper, losing iteslf in the now screaming storm outside, "you'll let me go. Or you can come with me. Your choice. I'm leaving at eleven. Meet me outside the house. Oh, and don't tell anyone Elle." Jamie's pleading face scanned around the room one more time before he disappeared down the rickety stairs.

Ella sat, confused and alone, as she realised that she just couldn't go with him. She would have to let him go.


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