Nightmares Turn To Reality

Winter was a 14 year old girl, she had a ordinary life well it wasn't ordinary she was very lucky. She had a amazing life she had her amazing boyfriend and her friends. She was rich but one day her luck disappears and the worst happens. Most young girls think not being pretty and popular is the worst that could happen to you. But is that true? What if your boyfriend,Best friends, friends and your family are taken away from you? Then you have to face the cruel part of the world by your self. Winter was kidnapped and taken to a place beyond your worst nightmare.


5. Time to plan a escape

Emma made me say yes to Jace and now we are sat in my large, grand bedroom planning our escape. Emma then said to me

"Well we know one thing we need to get the keys of Jace that is your job my job is well we don't know yet."

She giggled and fell backwards into my big double bed and sank into the bed. I laughed a long with her because it looked like the bed was eating her alive. All of a sudden there was a loud knock at the door. I the said in a polite voice

"Come in"

I realized it Jace. I quickly put a smile on my face but the thing is I didn't know whether it was real or fake. Parts of my feelings were true for him but we could never be together. I mean he took me from my life and brought me here.Plus if we did give it a really chance and I would probably just end up hurt. He then said to me softly 

" Hey sweetie don't mean to bother you but Emily is here" 

Then all of a sudden I heard little patters of feet and Emily had jumped on my back while she giggled. I smiled. She was in one of her tiny dresses. It was emerald with white lace of the collar,bottom and sleeves. I think these lot are some sort of posh generation? She had tiny white socks and shiny black shoes.Her soft, black hair was in small curls that hung by her shoulders. Her little red lips made a small smile. She grabbed my hand and squealed

"Lets go play in the garden Winter."

I followed while laughing. The smile on my face made my cheeks ache.She ran into the large garden. It was a massive, the fences were high up so no one could escape but it was like a field. The trees stood high reaching for the sky. The sun shined down on us and it made our hair shine.  Emily ran up to the biggest tree of them all. I walked slowly after her. I then noticed she was sat on a swing. She then shouted while giggling 

"Winter come push me please!"

I ran behind her and started pushing her. She laughed loudly and then shouted

"Higher! Come on Winter you can  do better than this!"

I laughed I looked at the tree. In the tree there was a heart carved into it and in the middle there was in tiny writing 

Amelia Flowers loves Jace Stones

So that's her name? Around the house I could see small photos of Jace and a girl that was prettier than I ever could be. He told me about her saying he was her one true love before me and that she died from a dreadful illness and he couldn't get her the medicine in time. He really did love her. Emilys mother showed up and smiled at me. She came and stood next to me and sweetly said to me 

"Hi Winter I am Isabella Flowers I was Amelia's sister. You are so lucky to have Jace is a lovely man but when my sister died he became miserable but when he saw you walking down the street he fell for you instantly and that's why he brought you here." 

I smiled brightly that's so sweet but i can't have real feeling for him or me and Emma will never make it out of here.She then spoke in a low whisper

"Winter I know what your up to and I don't blame you but please just leave it for a few weeks and let Jace be happy. Then go through with it"

I nodded and Isabella shouted up to Emily

"Emily sweetie! We need to go to Mary's party."

She ran down to Isabella smiling brightly. She put her tiny hand in her mothers hand. She waved quickly and dragged her mother through the door. Me and Isabella was laughing at the little hyper child. After they left I walked inside and I saw Jace. He saw me and smiled. My heart skipped a beat and speed up. He came up and put his arm round my waist so i put mine around his neck. He then said softly

"Sweetheart I have been looking everywhere for you. I made us dinner."

I look down and almost gasped there was the keys. My mission: Grab the keys.

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