Nightmares Turn To Reality

Winter was a 14 year old girl, she had a ordinary life well it wasn't ordinary she was very lucky. She had a amazing life she had her amazing boyfriend and her friends. She was rich but one day her luck disappears and the worst happens. Most young girls think not being pretty and popular is the worst that could happen to you. But is that true? What if your boyfriend,Best friends, friends and your family are taken away from you? Then you have to face the cruel part of the world by your self. Winter was kidnapped and taken to a place beyond your worst nightmare.


4. The party

Me and Emma was in my room getting ready for the party. We was given a uniform to change into and make up and other girly things to get ready and make our self look decent. Emma had just come out the shower  with some shorts and a t shirt on same as me. We didn't want to ruin our uniforms and get into trouble so we deiced to do everything else first. I sat Emma down in a chair to do her hair. I grabbed the black, smooth hair dryer out of the box and plugged it in to the socket in the wall that was nearest to the chair. I turned it on and a loud roar of the hair dryer filled room, the loud sound rang in the air of silence. I turned and concentrated on her hair, I pointed it towards her dripping wet hair. Her hair flew in different direction as soon as the hot air hit her head. I ran a brush through her hair and carried on. After a while her hair was dry and felt warm from the heat. I plugged my straightener in and let the heat run through them while I dried my hair which was also dripping with water. Once I had dry hair as well I turned back to Emma and turned each long curl into smooth long straight strands. Her hair almost looked like silk and her hair looked a beautiful gold and it shined like a goddesses light. I did her make up and she looked 13 and beautiful i'm sure if we was back home jaws would drop but here no one gives the servents special attention. I then squealed excitedly 

"Oh my gosh you look beautiful. You should go put your uniform on while I finish off." 

She smiled brightly. She walked out of the room and into the bathroom with out making a single sound. I quickly  straightened my hair, put my make up on and gripped my fringe back. I put my uniform on with my silver lucky charm bracelet. Our uniforms was a dress that had a cream top with a black skirt with a couple of white flowers. It had a black collar with a  thin, shiny, black belt. I straightened my skirt out as I stood up me and Emma looked at each other. Her big, crystal blue eyes, her eyes was coated with the look of fear. She grabbed my hand and I led her out of the door and down the stairs. Each step our black heels clicked against the hard, cold, wooden floor. We reached the ground floor, we walked into the kitchen and like all the other maids we grabbed a shiny, silver plate that was full of snacks and drinks for the guest. We heard our guests start to arrive so we made sure we looked smart and one by one filed out of the door, holding the silver plates. We went round the room offering the food and drinks that were on the plates. I went up to a nice looking couple and said sweetly 

" Hello, I am sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you wanted a drink or a snack of the plate?"

They smiled at me kindly and they nodded. I noticed a little girl about five or six years old. She had stormy grey eyes and long, wavy, black hair. She was so small and skinny. I bent down to her level and she tried to hide behind her mum. I smiled at her kindly and asked in a soft voice

"Hey sweetie do you want some juice and a snack?" 

She nodded shyly. Her Mother took her hands and put one in my hands. Her hands were so soft and small.She gripped onto it tightly and didn't let go at any point.We arrived into the large kitchen.  I put my shiny silver plate on the dark, black side. I picked the little girl up and placed her on one of the chairs which where really high up. I walked other to the big white fridge and got some orange juice out. I poured it slowly into one of the large glass cup that was filled with ice.I stuck a small, silver straw in the drink and placed it on the table. She smiled brightly and started sipping it quickly. I handed her a small bar of chocolate and she ate almost all of it and then she handed me the last bit and said to me sweetly 

"Ummmmm hi Missy I left you a bit of" chocolate.  Please eat it?"

I smiled and her while she stared at me with her big grey eyes. She was holding up the piece of chocolate. I took it slowly from her and I ate it slowly and she giggled. She said while giggling cutely

"My name is Emily whats your name?"

I smiled at her and said cheerily

"My name is Winter nice to meet you Emily"

Then all of the a sudden the Master came in and he shouted at me angrily

"Winter what do you think your doing?"

Emily hid behind me trying to hide from him while covering her ears. I said back with a bit of attitude

"Well what does it look like sir? I am looking after Emily. Do you really expect her to   stand in a room full of adults while she is starving and thirsty but is too shy to ask anyone?"

He smiled at me and then at Emily. I was shocked. He was after all a year or two older than me but he was my Master why is he being so nice? He then crouched down in front of Emily and said softly

"Hey Emily are you ok with winter?"

She nodded to him while smiling. He turned back at me smiling. He then said to me softly 

"Can I see you a minute?"

I just nodded and gave Emily a game and I told her quickly

" I will be back in about 10 minutes Emily. Set up the board game and I will come back and play."

I followed him to a dark deserted room. All of a sudden he pushed me against the wall and said 

"Winter I think your so pretty please stay with me forever and be my girlfriend? It will get you and Emma out of your jobs and you will be able to relax. Also you will see little Emily more."

He got closer to me and I was pretty freaked out. But this might be mine and Emma's chance to escape? We would have a better chance of us escaping anyway. I looked up into his haunting grey eyes and said quietly 

" I am sorry but I will have to think about it"

He nodded and then all of a sudden hid soft lips touched mine. A warm flowed through me. His smooth hands got tangled in my hair.It felt nice but I couldn't really love him. It was just a way to escape. He pulled away and let me me go. He shouted after me. 

"By the way my name is Jace"

I smiled and walked back to Emily to play our board game. 

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